IMPACT 2021 :: January 19-21 & January 26-28 - Computer Measurement Group

IMPACT 2021 featured more than 120 sessions including presentations, Q&A sessions, and networking activities on Performance Engineering, DevOps, Monitoring and Observability, Mainframe, Data Centers, Cloud, and more.

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2021 Sessions – Videos, Presentation Decks, Q&A

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IMPACT2021 | A Guide to Event-driven SRE-inspired DevOps: The end of your monolithic release process – Andreas Grabner

While software architects have broken their monoliths into event-driven service architectures, many DevOps architects are […]

IMPACT2021 | A Mainframe Security Rosetta – Reg Harbeck

What’s an ESM on z/OS? Why are there three of them? Why does each have […]

IMPACT2021 | AI Data Acquisition and Governance: Considerations for Success – Kirsten Gokay

Data is the new IP – AI can’t exist without a strong data acquisition and […]

IMPACT2021 | Anomalies Detection and Cloud Platform Selection During DevOps – Boris Zibitsker, Alex Lupersolsky, Pavel Pratasevich, Justin Bleuel

In this session, the presenters will review the challenges of anomaly detection during DevOps and […]

IMPACT2021 | Automated Data Visualization – Jyotsna Chatradhi

As a user, we are very confined to watching different data in tables, charts, and […]

IMPACT2021 | Bringing AI Out of the Lab: Realizing Real-World Deployments of Deep Learning on Edge Devices, at Scale – Dr. Eli David

As far as research is concerned, deep learning works seamlessly in the lab today. However, […]

IMPACT2021 | Capacity Analysis Techniques for VMware VM I/O – Debbie Sheetz

The methodology previously presented for VMware capacity/performance analysis is extended to I/O analysis (memory analysis, […]

IMPACT2021 | Capacity and performance before and after a major infrastructure transition – Steven Thomas

Major infrastructure transitions like moving to a new data center, outsourcing or changing outsourcers, or […]

IMPACT2021 | Capacity Planning for Edge and Cloud computing – Chris Molloy

With more data and processing occurring outside the data center, edge computing must now be […]

IMPACT2021 | Cloud Resources Workload Profiling – Igor Trubin

How to be sure a cloud object’s (e.g, AWS EC2, RDS or EBS) workload fits […]

IMPACT2021 | Concurrent Users – An analytical approach to proper workload simulation – Xiaosong Lou

Concurrent User is one of the key performance metrics in a system. Many performance issues […]

IMPACT2021 | Controversial z/OS Performance Topics Debated – Scott Chapman, Peter Enrico

Not all performance topics and recommendations simply cut and dry. Many are controversial. These are […]

IMPACT2021 | Cost-to-Serve: Computing Transaction Efficiency – Tuli Nivas

In a cloud operating environment, it is of utmost importance to understand performance, capacity and […]

IMPACT2021 | Dell’s purpose-built Data Science Workstations: For AI Developers and Their Users – Kyle Harper

Join this session to get a deeper dive on solutions for the modern enterprise by […]

IMPACT2021 | Detection of Performance Anomaly in Mobile Network Node Entities in Evolved Packet Core Network Using Deep Embedded Self Organizing Map (DESOM) – Jayanta Choudhury, Anila Joshi

Deep Embedded Self Organizing Map (DESOM), a hybrid Deep Neural Network based Autoencoder-Decoder (AE-DE) with […]

IMPACT2021 | Determining the Best Use of AI to Meet Your IT Ops Needs – Chris Spence, Dave Helsley

There is a misconception that AI is about replacing people, but it’s more about using […]

IMPACT2021 | DevOps: Delivering Relationships and Solutions – Cotishea Anderson

In this talk, I will discuss novel deliverables from a DevOps perspective; delivering people skills, […]

IMPACT2021 | DevOps: Delivering Relationships and Solutions – Cotishea Anderson

In this talk, I will discuss novel deliverables from a DevOps perspective; delivering people skills, […]

IMPACT2021 | Digital Twins in a Pandemic: Use Simulation Data for Quadcopter Mission Planning – Anoush Najarian, Sindhuja Parimalarangan

Learn how drones aid in COVID-19 medical deliveries. In this hands-on workshop, you will use […]

IMPACT2021 | Dynamic Capacity Management for Hybrid Multi-Cloud Environment – Boris Zibitsker, Alex Lupersolsky

IT Managers, Architects, DBAs and Systems Analysts involved in Cloud Selection often perform POC projects […]

IMPACT2021 | Enable Your DevOps Transformation – Bob Yates

Rapid delivery of core business systems needs to be enterprise-wide, and DevOps is now mainstream, […]

IMPACT2021 | Everything I Need To Know About AIOps I Learned From My Rice Cooker – Austin Parker

It seems you can’t throw a rock these days without it glancing off a shiny […]

IMPACT2021 | Failing over without falling over – Adrian Cockcroft

In this keynote presentation, Adrian Cockroft will talk about failing over without falling over; using […]

IMPACT2021 | Finding the right Use Cases for AI – Kanwar Gaurav Paul

AI is more of an art than just a technology. Finding the right use cases […]

IMPACT2021 | Finetune your mainframe performance through the analysis of WLM and HIS – Roberto Pancheo

Mainframe performance is not only limited to the amount of available resources but strongly depends […]

IMPACT2021 | Fireside Chat with Harry Moseley, CIO, Zoom Video Communications

During this one-on-one discussion, CMG President Amanda Hendley speaks with Harry Moseley, CIO, Zoom Video […]

IMPACT2021 | How Deep Learning Model Architecture Impacts Optimal Training Configuration in the Cloud – Eugene Protasenko

This session is part of a long research program aimed at scrutinizing how different components […]

IMPACT2021 | Improving Forecasting for Capacity Management Using Segmented Regression – John Greenwood, Charles Johnson, Jamie Baker

One problem with the use of linear regression for capacity planning forecasting is that step […]

IMPACT2021 | Introduction to Precision Time Protocol (PTP) on IBM Z – Steve Guendert

To help IBM Z clients in the financial industry better comply with increasingly stringent time […]

IMPACT2021 | Java performance in 2021: How AI optimization will debunk 4 long-standing Java tuning myths – Stefano Doni

Java is ubiquitous in online services, yet ensuring Java applications’ availability and performance remains a […]

IMPACT2021 | Life Cycle of a Query in SQL Server – Deepthi Goguri

Many Developers work with SQL Server but don’t fully understand how it really works behind […]

IMPACT2021 | Locating CICS Abnormal Reponse times – Mark Cohen Austrowiek

Most of z/OS sites run CICS to serve transactional applications. These CICS environments are often […]

IMPACT2021 | Mainframe Modernization Challenges and Strategy – Brian Hoare

The Mainframe is still strategic and will exist for a long time to come … […]

IMPACT2021 | Mainframe Modernization, a trusted comprehensive approach – Howard Hinman

The Mainframe applications that are critical to many of the businesses and governmental functions that […]

IMPACT2021 | Managing application SLAs using Traces and Metrics – Jonah Kowall

Observability is most often accomplished with open source technologies to handle logs, metrics, and traces. […]

IMPACT2021 | MythBusters vs. Queuing Theory – Reality Trumps Theory – Richard Gimarc

This presentation will examine one of the myths busted by MythBusters®. The myth had to […]

IMPACT2021 | Natural Language Generation: Creating human readable text with machines – Mohammed Jalil

Not all performance topics and recommendations simply cut and dry. Many are controversial. These are […]

IMPACT2021 | New Millennial in Mainframe – Hasnain Attarwala

During this session, our presenter will talk about his own journey as a young person […]

IMPACT2021 | Observability for microservices – Nočnica Fee

For the last few years, the buzzword of ‘observability’ has stood in for heavy, expensive […]

IMPACT2021 | Overcoming Automation Fear in Infrastructure as Code – Andre Agostinho

Following the same research line (IaC), this year I would like to address how to […]

IMPACT2021 | Performance Engineering Maturity Model: The Four Stages of Performance Culture – Simone Gaiera, Michele Follo

As organizations shift towards agile and CI/CD approaches, performance engineering must change. Success cannot be […]

IMPACT2021 | Practical Ways to Leverage AI in your IT Operations – Machhindra Nale

Join this session for a technical deep dive on practical ways to leverage AI in […]

IMPACT2021 | Proactive Capacity Management is dead; long live Capacity Management! – Bob Torz

The long held notion that a proactive Capacity Management strategy is IT’s nirvana is no […]

IMPACT2021 | Python Performance And Other Non-Functional Testing Techniques – Steven Lott

We’ll look at the extremely popular Python language and a specific misconception — Python is […]

IMPACT2021 | Recruiting and retaining the new generation of Z System specialists – Greg Caliri

As many Z Systems specialists approach retirement, the issue of their successors arises. While younger […]

IMPACT2021 | SMF & RMF; how to use it, make it effective, and what to do with it – Greg Caliri

Newer mainframe performance analysts and activity trackers may be unfamiliar with the ocean of knowledge […]

IMPACT2021 | Sogei’s experience with IBM Db2 Analytics Accelerator – Chiara Baldan

Overview of Sogei’s main software application running on accelerator. Challenges and benefits. Migration to v7. […]

IMPACT2021 | Strategic Modernization Business Use Cases – Andrew Wickett

Every journey is different, and theoretically ongoing. Smart Digital Transformation is strategic, avoids the sharp […]

IMPACT2021 | Surfacing Mainframe Hidden Costs and Operational Gaps – Libor Cerney

Help! My management wants yet another opex report”. With all of the data that’s available […]

IMPACT2021 | Technical methods to solve performance issues – Kevin Luey

Based on a case study that involves reporting and automation with zWR and zGuard, this […]

IMPACT2021 | The Golden Era of AI and Machine Learning: The case for on-premise AI resources – Kyle Harper

We truly are experiencing AI’s golden era. The confluence of AI algorithms coming to reality, […]

IMPACT2021 | The Past, Present, and Future of Performance Engineering – Alexander Podelko

The way we develop and operate software is changing – and performance engineering should change […]

IMPACT2021 | Three Tricky Performance Problems Solved with Oracle Trace Data – Cary Millsap

The Oracle Database kernel has a rich tracing feature built into it, but many analysts […]

IMPACT2021 | Transforming humanity with Lean, Agile and DevOps methodologies during a global pandemic – Gautham Pallapa

COVID19 has become a compelling event for many organizations to rapidly transform their businesses, but […]

IMPACT2021 | Turning the Lights on in Capacity Management – Daniel Ruehl

Capacity Management process maturity includes aligning capacity, performance, and cost. This process alignment are critical […]

IMPACT2021 | Using an Open Architecture to Accelerate AIOps Value – Per Kroll, Nicole Fagen

Use of AIOps to augment IT functions such as event correlation and analysis, anomaly detection, […]

IMPACT2021 | Using Machine Learning for Software Capacity Planning – Vivek Koul

In this session, I would be sharing some insight into how machine learning is impacting […]

IMPACT2021 | Visibility into Loggers, Tracers, and other Low Level Services – Danny Chen

With the growing popularity of logging and distributed tracing for observability into our systems, attention […]

IMPACT2021 | When your site fails it can be great for business! – Thomas Ballard

The site crash was and still is their best sales day, ever. The platform failing […]

IMPACT2021 | z14 and z15 Pipelines – Luiz Carlos Orsoni

The z13 can execute about 12% more [1.695/1.514] Instructions than the zEC12, although its Cycle […]

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