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Sponsorship Opportunities

Highly Defined Programs and Events

We focus our highly defined programs and events on those who are interested in specific IT subjects. It’s a custom-made and cost-effective way for sponsors and advertisers to get their technologies and services in front of their primary market—especially considering that 70 percent of our members are purchasers, influencers, and decision makers.

Our sponsors and advertisers deliver essential resources to our members. Through our sponsors and advertisers, members have access to educational materials, best practices, networking, technical demonstrations, and other key assets. They also have access to the latest trends and technology—helping them to keep pace with technology’s accelerated growth.

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CMG Corporate Membership

With a CMG Corporate Membership, sponsors can publish their company’s materials through a multitude of communications vehicles, including our website, social media, highly informative content emails, white papers, eBooks, videos, live events, online events, a one-hour webinar—all accessible through our advanced member portal.

CMG Webinars

Through our database, which is composed of technology experts—including executives and business leaders; data center professionals; and cloud, dev-ops, and mainframe specialists—we help our sponsors design, customize, and target webinars to those who are interested in specific IT subjects. As our system enables people to self-select their interests, we can target ads and events directly to their roles and responsibilities through our highly defined and measurable communications infrastructure. More information.

Marketing Initiatives

We promote a multitude of sponsor assets through customized landing pages on our website—a conduit through which you can market your collateral, taking advantage of our highly defined database that enables us to generate MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads).

Whether it be white papers, webinars, or events—with our wealth of data, we can identify and capture only the most relevant demographic and psychographic data for better targeting and lead generation.

Virtual Conferences

Through these conferences, sponsors can easily and cost-effectively connect and network with decision-maker targets in all industries through a visual, interactive environment. Learn more.

Weekly Newsletter

We feature one of your resources in our weekly newsletter, CMG MeasureIT, which showcases the latest news in the digital transformation world.

Becoming a CMG Sponsor enables you to take advantage of our unique
customer engagement opportunities with top decision makers in the IT industry.

Upcoming Events

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