IMPACT2021 | Mainframe Modernization Challenges and Strategy – Brian Hoare - Computer Measurement Group

IMPACT2021 | Mainframe Modernization Challenges and Strategy – Brian Hoare

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IMPACT2021 | Mainframe Modernization Challenges and Strategy – Brian Hoare

The Mainframe is still strategic and will exist for a long time to come …

The projection of the Mainframe in the IS evolution roadmaps requires the implementation of a modernization and optimization strategy to meet the following challenges:

  • Visible costs in the ISD budget and increasing due to the opening of the Mainframe (APIzation) which generates additional demands on the Mainframe
  • A complex IBM billing model that requires expertise and constant effort to control it
  • Less and less mastered treatments and applications with the gradual departure of the knowledgers (skilled people)

Take advantage of Mainframe resource analysis to improve performance and control costs:

  • Obtain relevant information on the specifics of your production environment thanks to a real-time analysis platform
  • Improve your understanding of resource usage, quickly identify a problem to instantly adapt configuration and capping
  • Reduce costs by optimizing MSU consumption by automatically redistributing available resources in real time

Brian Hoare
Solutions Specialist
Winter Park, Florida, United States

Brian Hoare has seen the z platform grow from OS/390 to today’s z/OS. He may speak with a “strange accent” and has introduced new solutions into the USA and worked with several startups. He has presented at local/annual CMG’s, Share and many other conferences discussing cost reduction (IBM/MLC), performance and is now his focused on analytical data on “z”.  Mainframe analytics are his latest passion, especially as Z is the richest source of data there is. So why not use the richest source of data we have for helping to run the business? Brian lives in Florida, is a passionate fan of Rugby and Football (Soccer) and has several refereeing and coaching badges.

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