Interview with Vivek Koul, Software Engineering Manager, McGraw Hill - Computer Measurement Group
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August 4, 2020
Interview with Jonah Kowall, CTO,
August 11, 2020

Interview with Vivek Koul, Software Engineering Manager, McGraw Hill

Today’s business dynamics have changed the way software is developed and shipped, especially within the Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline in a DevOps world. This means software teams are pushed harder and harder to increase software velocity, which is directly impacted by the speed of testing software performance and quality. The teams responsible for testing and certifying software performance are facing new challenges, such as performance testing multiple builds per day and microservice performance. So how do you test performance and quality without sacrificing velocity? In this session, you will learn how McGraw-Hill solved the need for speed in the world of CI by integrating an automated manner. You will also hear about the fully automated performance engineering platform developed within McGraw-Hill which showcases some of the latest trends in performance engineering execution.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Integrate and embed performance engineering into the CI pipeline.
  • Schedule tests without human intervention, save time to do more engineering work.
  • Transform your Performance Engineering pipeline into an automated workflow.
  • Empower developers to perf test.

General topic(s) covered: Performance and Capacity Planning, Performance (testing, tuning, engineering, analytics), Release Engineerings

This session will be presented at the Performance Engineering in the Time of DevOps Virtual Summit on August 18.


About the Presenter

Vivek Koul, Software Engineering Manager, Performance, Capacity and Reliability at McGraw Hill

Vivek is an engineering Leader offering technically-inclined thinking, excellent logical abilities, outstanding organizational, and team skills with over 14 years of experience in multiple engineering areas. Currently, he serves as a Software Engineering Manager , Performance and Reliability for McGraw Hill.

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