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August 25, 2020
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August 25, 2020

Monitoring has changed: Observability with open source

Today’s monitoring systems, designed for different times, to maintain availability and performance of traditional applications and architectures. Digital business has forced monitoring of the past to transform into observability of today. Choices have progressed significantly for both small teams and large enterprises. These observability signals encompass logs, metrics, and traces which create the monitoring tooling for today’s DevOps teams.

Previously products had been in silos, which created burdens in maintaining and scaling solutions, but today this is no longer an issue with many commercial options which unify these signals. There have been significant improvements in the open source projects, but scaling them requires expertise and investment in people and infrastructure. If the investment is too great there are SaaS options available across the board from simple to complex.

The market is changing faster than ever, driven by open source initiatives and projects along with software foundations which underpin today’s cloud native architectures. In this talk you’ll learn how monitoring has shifted, which open source technologies are meeting new challenges, and how the community initiatives will change observability significantly in the next 12 months. Your organization can adopt these new technologies to save money, support new architectures, and provide new capabilities to your development, operations and DevOps teams.

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General topic(s) covered: Monitoring, Open Source, Cloud Native, OpenTelemetry, Observability, Logging, Metrics, Tracing, DevOps

This session will be presented at the Performance Engineering in the Time of DevOps Virtual Summit


About the Presenters

Jonah Kowall, CTO,

Jonah Kowall a computer scientist and open-source contributor. 15 years as an end user across startups and enterprises specializing on security and operations. In 2011 joined Gartner as a Research VP focused on observability research and advice for IT leaders and CIOs. In 2015 Jonah joined AppDynamics leading product strategy, after Cisco acquired AppDynamics he joined Kentik as CTO to set and execute the product vision and strategy. In 2020 Jonah joined as CTO to drive strategy and ecosystem for their open source based SaaS observability solution.

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