About CMG - Computer Measurement Group

About CMG

Membership That Matters

CMG, a not-for-profit organization, has built a highly skilled membership network over the past 40 years. With thousands of technology experts in its member community, CMG facilitates connections and communications, sharing ideas and best practices, and offering opportunities to interact directly with CMG sponsors.

The Perfect Resources

CMG’s sponsors deliver essential resources to its members. Through them, members have access to educational materials, best practices, networking, technical demonstrations, and other key assets.

They also have access to the latest trends and technology—helping them to keep pace with technology’s accelerated growth.

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Careers Transformed

Through its forum and network of members and sponsors, CMG shares resources and connections for career advancement and professional development.
Its network includes executives and business leaders, data center professionals, cloud and dev-ops specialists, and mainframe specialists, representing the totality of the business IT infrastructure.

These are the people who are at the heart of successful digital transformation. With digital tools evolving so rapidly, CMG’s network offers a wealth of opportunities for working together towards creating a harmonious and connected ecosystem.

A Membership will give you access to the expertise you need to keep abreast of the latest technologies and deliver value to your organization. Explore your membership opportunities.

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