IMPACT2021 | Cloud Resources Workload Profiling – Igor Trubin - Computer Measurement Group

IMPACT2021 | Cloud Resources Workload Profiling – Igor Trubin

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IMPACT2021 | Cloud Resources Workload Profiling – Igor Trubin

How to be sure a cloud object’s (e.g, AWS EC2, RDS or EBS) workload fits the rightsized resources (Compute, RAM, IO/s and Network traffic)? It is very difficult to do using raw system performance data from monitoring tools. The best way to do that is using a weekly workload profile, which is a graphical visualization in form of MASF IT-Control chart. This chart shows the stability of the workload, reveals the anomalies happened recently, such as run-away, memory leaks or specifically important for cloud objects, the unusual number of hours the object is down all compared with the usual weekly pattern.

This presentation will describe how to build, read, and use workload profiles using real data examples and demonstrates how cloud capacity scaling could be verified.

Igor Trubin
IT Manager
Capital One
Alexandria, Virginia United States

Data Centers and Cloud Infrastructure

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