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Sponsorship Advantages

Highly Dedicated Membership

For more than 40 years, CMG has been a practitioner-led, vendor-neutral professional association for enterprise technology specialists.

We host events and offer training, leadership opportunities, and membership for our community members, who value experience-based learning and personal connections with peers from both customer and vendor enterprises.

Endless Sponsorship Opportunities

Webinars                  Digital Advertising                     Virtual Conferences                In-Person Activities

The Epicenter of Digital Transformation

We focus our highly defined programs and events on those who are interested in specific IT subjects. It’s a custom-made and cost-effective way for sponsors and advertisers to get their technologies and services in front of their primary market—especially considering that 70 percent of our members are purchasers, influencers, and decision makers.

A Personalized Approach

As our system enables people to self-select their interests, we can target ads and events directly to their roles and responsibilities through our highly defined and measurable communications infrastructure. We have a multitude of communications vehicles to sponsor such as email and social media campaigns, live and online events, webinars, white papers, eBooks, and videos—all accessible through our advanced member portal.

As thought leaders and subject matter experts, our sponsors enable us to enhance the value we provide whenever special expertise is called for—both efficiently and cost-effectively.

Endless Engagement Opportunities

Our sponsors and advertisers deliver essential resources to our members. Through our sponsors and advertisers, members have access to educational materials, best practices, networking, technical demonstrations, and other key assets. They also have access to the latest trends and technology—helping them to keep pace with technology’s accelerated growth

Executives & Business Leaders

Executives &
Business Leaders

Chief Administrative Officer
Chief Compliance Officer
Chief Data Officer
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Information Officer
Chief Product Officer
Chief Security Officer
Chief Technical Officer
+ More!

Applications DevOps Cloud

DevOps & Cloud

Automation Architect
Cloud Developer
Cloud Network Engineer
Cloud Software Engineer
Cloud Systems Administrator
Cloud Systems Engineer
DevOps Evangelist
Experience Assurance (XA)
Security Engineer
+ More!

Network Data Center

Network &
Data Center

Data Center Architect
Data Center Engineers
Data Center Specialist
NOC Technician
Service Specialist
Systems Administrator
Systems Engineer
+ More!

Mainframe Professionals


Application Designers
Application Programmers
Capacity Planners
Perfomance Engineers
Production Control Analysts
System administrators
System operators
System programmers
+ More!

Becoming a CMG Sponsor enables you to take advantage of our unique
customer engagement opportunities with top decision makers in the IT industry.

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