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CMG Member Demographics

The People that Drive Digital Transformation

CMG’s highly targeted network includes executives and business leaders, data center professionals, cloud and dev-ops specialists, and mainframe specialists, representing the totality of the business IT infrastructure.

Executives & Business Leaders

Executives &
Business Leaders

Chief Administrative Officer
Chief Compliance Officer
Chief Data Officer
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Information Officer
Chief Product Officer
Chief Security Officer
Chief Technical Officer
+ More!

Applications DevOps Cloud

DevOps & Cloud

Automation Architect
Cloud Developer
Cloud Network Engineer
Cloud Software Engineer
Cloud Systems Administrator
Cloud Systems Engineer
DevOps Evangelist
Experience Assurance (XA)
Security Engineer
+ More!

Network Data Center

Network &
Data Center

Data Center Architect
Data Center Engineers
Data Center Specialist
NOC Technician
Service Specialist
Systems Administrator
Systems Engineer
+ More!

Mainframe Professionals


Application Designers
Application Programmers
Capacity Planners
Perfomance Engineers
Production Control Analysts
System administrators
System operators
System programmers
+ More!

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