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Are You Using These Apps, Mainframers?

Are you using apps for mainframe? Yes, we have apps related to mainframe.  Don’t be surprised.  Mainframes are no longer what you think.  Age-old dinosaurs that occupy entire rooms, use card punch input, and require bits and bytes programming. Mainframe came long way...

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New Webinar Program for CMG Members!

Next month, on February 8th , CMG will host a special webinar presentation by cyber security expert, Christopher Greco. This special online seminar session, Cyber Attack Risk, Performance, and Capacity, will run from 2pm – 3pm EST on Thursday, February 8th and is free...

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Open Source on Steroids by Larry Strickland

Open Source on Steroids by Larry Strickland The words “digital transformation” are on the lips of every person in technology and tech media, as well as many business leaders – from company CIOs and CTOs to technology to business line managers to writers in...

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