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Orchestration and Cloud Services

Orchestration has become a hot topic for Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) Datacenter folks.  While there were promises of Orchestration in the private cloud environment, in the past year these promises are becoming reality.  What’s interesting in...

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Did you catch our ad in IBM Systems Magazine?

CMG has partnered with IBM Systems Magazine for the imPACt 2017 conference this year and we were excited to feature an ad for the conference in the July/August issue. Please check out the magazine online today! There is also a great article on Machie...

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Mainframe Specialty Engines

Do you know that mainframe has several kinds of engines i.e. processors not just Central Processor (CP)? The mainframe has several flavors of processors that perform various functions. Early mainframes had only one processor – Central processing...

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A Note on the “imPACt” of CMG’s Conference

"My first CMG conference was in 1981 and I have been continuously attending the international CMG conferences and presenting papers since 1994. That should be seen as a clear indication of the value I place in CMG and its major conference. First, there is a lot to be...

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