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CMG Conference 1981 Papers Proceedings

CMG 1980 Papers
December 25, 1980
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December 25, 1982

CMG Conference 1981 Papers Proceedings

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Analytic Modeling

  • Approximate Analysis and Prediction of Time Delay Distributions in Networks of Queues
  • Do It Yourself Modelling Using Open System Queueing Theory
  • Optimal Design of an Interactive System: File Allocation, Device Capacity Selection, and CPU Speed Selection

Application System Modeling

  • Existing Computer Applications Maintain or Redesign: How to Decide
  • Increasing Information Systems Productivity by Software Performance Engineering
  • Performance Evaluation During System Selection
  • Predicting Software Efficiency During the Design Using Software and Performance Metrics

Capacity Management Techniques

  • A Data Management Algorithm for MVS Capacity Planning
  • Storage Media Analysis: Methodology and Findings

DASD Modeling

  • Characteristics of DASD Use
  • I/O Subsystem Workloads: Measurements and Modeling
  • Managing DASD Performance to Satisfy Workload Requirements

Data Center Management

  • A Performance Management Program at the FDA – A Case Study
  • User Education for Capacity Management
  • Using Operational Standards to Enhance System Performance

Distributed Computing / Network Measurements

  • A Performance Measurement Facility for Distributed Computing
  • CPE Case Study Using Simulation to Evaluate Implementation of a Local Computer Network
  • Performance Measurement Problems in a Packet-Switch Network

Multiclass Models

  • Aggregation in Multiclass Queueing Networks
  • Computing Performance Measures of Computer Systems with Variable Degree of Multiprogramming

Performance Evaluation Experiments

  • An Interactive Workload Model of a Virtual Memory System at Johnson Space Center
  • Comparative Performance Evaluation of two Supercomputers: CDC Cyber-205 and CRI Cray-1
  • Fiscal Aspects of ADP Service Management
  • Measuring NCR Comten Communications Processors with Hardware Monitors
  • Performance Analysis of a DECSYSTEM-20
  • Response Component Analysis – A Tutorial Case Study
  • Workload Characterization and Capacity Planning at a Large IBM Installation – A Case Study

System Design

  • A Computer Modeling System Based on a User-Extensible Modeling Library
  • Using Fractional Factorial Design to Examine Scheduling Policies


  • Modelling the DP Organization for Capacity Planning
  • MVS/SP Paging Tutorial
  • Software Metrics and Performance

UNIVAC Systems Evaluation

  • Data Collection for Analytic Modeling of UNIVAC 1100 Systems
  • System Tuning the UNIVAC Executive Operating System’s Dynamic Allocator

Workload Characterization Techniques

  • Cluster Analysis for Characterising Computer System Workloads – Panacea or Pandora
  • The Evaluation of Methods for the Estimation of System Resource Usage for Capacity Planning


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