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Machine Learning

January 28, 2018
CMG Journal Winter 2018
Contents: System Utilization: Keeping the Glass Half Full Machine Learning for Predictive Performance Monitoring Achieving […]
May 14, 2018
cloudXchange – July 19, 2018
July 24, 2018
Let’s Get Real About Self Driven IT Ops – Jeff Henry, CA Technologies
Jeff Henry is a Vice President of Product Management at CA Technologies. Jeff is responsible […]
January 29, 2021
IMPACT2021 | Automated Data Visualization – Jyotsna Chatradhi
As a user, we are very confined to watching different data in tables, charts, and […]
October 28, 2021
IMPACT 2022 – Managing 50 Billion Things
Today, each IT person in the enterprise manages, on average, less than 250 devices. With […]
November 1, 2021
IMPACT 2022 – Balancing Kubernetes performance, resilience & cost by using ML-based optimization – a real-world case
Properly tuning Kubernetes applications is a daunting task, often resulting in reliability and performance issues, […]
November 30, 2021
5G Wireless Networks and beyond with AI/ML adaption
This presentation provides valuable architecture and business insights when planning to deploy new generation wireless […]
December 15, 2021
All Hands on Deck! Come Together with the Fab Four: Capacity, Performance, Cost and AI
In today’s world, your ‘deck’ needs more hands! It takes skilled people, an effective capacity […]
February 10, 2022
Do You See What I See? Using AR and AI
In this hands-on workshop, we explore the challenges of real-world applications of augmented reality (AR) […]

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