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Conference Proceedings

December 25, 1976
CMG Conference 1976 Papers Proceedings
December 31, 1976
1976 IMPACT Proceedings
CMG1976 Papers   Empirical Results of Measurement Studies An Error Analysis of the CPU Usage […]
December 31, 1977
1977 IMPACT Proceedings
CMG1977 Papers   Computer Performance Evaluation Applications A Model of Virtual Storage Personal Computing (VSPC) […]
December 25, 1982
CMG 1982 Papers
CMG 1982 Papers   Management Papers A Capacity-Costing Methodology  Michael S. Zambruski Charging for DP […]
December 25, 1983
CMG 1983 Papers
CMG 1983 Papers   Advanced Tutorial Program Aspects of DASD Performance  Alexandre Brandwajn Capacity Management […]
January 1, 2001
IMPACT 2001 Proceedings
Architectural / Technology A Case for a New CIFS Benchmark Swami Ramany A Standard Test […]
December 27, 2001
2001 IMPACT Proceedings
Architectural / Technology A Case for a New CIFS Benchmark Swami Ramany A Standard Test […]
December 31, 2002
2002 IMPACT Proceedings
Accounting / Chargeback Chargeback Challenges in a Web-Based Environment David B. Adams Enabling the Strategy-Focused […]
December 31, 2005
2005 Conference Proceedings
Fundamentals/Core Competency A Methodology for Predicting the Scalability of Distributed Production Systems Dr. Charles A. […]
January 30, 2008
IMPACT 2009 Proceedings
Late Breaking: Accessing DB2 for z/OS onSolid State Disks Jeff Berger Late Breaking: Case Study: […]
January 30, 2009
IMPACT 2009 Proceedings
Guidelines for Better Performance Testing Tuli Nivas International: CMG-UK Best Paper John Westnedge Measuring for […]
January 30, 2010
IMPACT 2010 Proceedings
CMG-T: An In-Depth Look at the VMware vSphere Performance Analysis Tools and Application of those […]
January 30, 2011
IMPACT 2011 Proceedings
Late Breaking: Measuring Processor Utilization in Windows and Windows Applications Mark Friedman This session discusses […]
January 30, 2012
IMPACT 2012 Proceedings
KEYNOTE SESSION: Web Performance, The Big Picture Pat Meenan, Google, Inc. An overview on web […]
January 30, 2013
IMPACT 2013 Proceedings
Combining Storage Performance and Capacity Metrics to Determine Best Array Front-end Port Allocation for SAN […]
January 30, 2014
IMPACT 2014 Proceedings
Stack Metrics: A Taxonomy of Metrics Supporting the Capacity Planning Stack Richard Gimarc, CA Technologies […]
January 30, 2015
IMPACT 2015 Proceedings
January 30, 2016
IMPACT 2016 Proceedings
February 26, 2017
Improved IT Operations Management for IT Managers and Capacity Planners
Andrew Armstrong and John Baker IT and business managers are increasingly concerned with the rising costs associated […]
July 29, 2017
Cost Savings While Increasing Capacity
Andrew Armstrong IT organizations struggle with two seemingly divergent challenges within their mainframe shops: the […]

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