CMG Conference 1976 Papers Proceedings - Computer Measurement Group

CMG Conference 1976 Papers Proceedings

1976 IMPACT Proceedings
December 31, 1976

CMG Conference 1976 Papers Proceedings

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Empirical Results of Measurement Studies

  • An Error Analysis of the CPU Usage Measurement in EXEC 8 Systems – Jeffrey M. Mohr, Ashok K. Agrawala, J. F. Flanagan
  • Computer Performance Evaluation for Policy Support – William P. LaPlant Jr.
  • Data Collection and Analysis of the Distribution of Computing Resources at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln – Gregory Haralambopoulos, George Nagy
  • Improving Computer Performance in a Large Scale Environment – an Overview of Data Processing at American Airlines – W. (Bill) Miller
  • Performance Evaluation of a Minicomputer Cluster with Shared Memory – Frank Stepczyk
  • Performance Monitoring in a Shared DASD Environment – Alan P. Cade

Experimental Tests of Theoretical Results

  • Applied Software Physics – George R. Greenacre
  • Data Processing Authority Workload History, Characterization, and Forecast Description – Dennis M. Reddington
  • Further Investigation into a Software Science Relationship – Linda M. Cornell, Karl J. Ottenstein

General Management

  • Estimating the Value of CPE Projects – Stephen A. Gierach
  • Performance Evaluation of the Computer and the Role of the Costing System – William Sherer

Improving Computer Resource Utilization and Utility

  • Performance Evaluation of Programs ina VS Environment – James R. Walker, Thomas E. McKittrick
  • Performance Tuning a Batch IMS Process – Marilyn J. Harris

Performance Management

  • Management Guidelines for Planning, Controlling and Evaluating an ADP System – Gerald W. Findley, David P. Norton, Kenneth G. Rau

The Tools and Techniques of CPE

  • A Method for Estimating Service Bureau Processing Charges – Dennis M. Conti
  • Hybrid Monitor for a CDC Cyber Computer – J. Irvine

Theory Applied to CPE with Experimental Verification

  • A Methodology for the Performance Evaluation of Information Systems under Multiple Criteria – ohn S. Chandler, Thomas G. DeLutis
  • A Model for Optimal Balancing Channel Utilization – Tachen Leo Lo
  • Modeling Computer System Performance – Jeffrey P. Buzen
  • Software Performance Monitors: Design Trade-Offs – Liba Svobodova
  • The Overlapping of CPU and I/O Processing in Multiprogramming – Philip M. Mills


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