Session - Computer Measurement Group


December 4, 2023
Decoding Ethics: Navigating the Ethical Dilemmas of Artificial Intelligence
This presentation delves into the ethical complexities arising from artificial intelligence's (AI) integration into modern life. It highlights the gap between AI's rapid technological advancements and the development of corresponding ethical guidelines. The talk categorizes ethical issues into five domains, using real-world examples like the Cambridge Analytica scandal and AI in healthcare, to illustrate the tangible impacts and moral challenges these issues present. It then explores solutions, such as ethical guidelines and regulatory oversight, emphasizing the collective responsibility of policymakers, technologists, and users in fostering ethical AI. The session culminates in an interactive Q&A, encouraging audience engagement in ethical discourse and practical problem-solving. Attendees will gain a thorough understanding of AI's major ethical dilemmas, awareness of existing ethical frameworks, and insights into collaborative approaches to navigate the AI-augmented world responsibly.
December 19, 2023
Stormy Monday – Reactive and Preventive Capacity Management Processes
Monday has been a typical day where application outages occurred. Often, due to the complexity of the enterprise, Tuesday and the rest of the week were just the same! We will discuss how effective capacity management reporting is used to quickly return the business to service. "What reporting should be reviewed and communicated in the first moments of an outage? -What additional performance reporting is critical to resolving an incident? -What reporting and capacity management processes contribute to improvements to the resiliency of the enterprise? -What are some of the forecast variances that occur in predicting future capacity? Who is responsible for resolution? -How should capacity management reporting be effectively used in the post-mortem process?"
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