IMPACT 2016 Proceedings - Computer Measurement Group

IMPACT 2016 Proceedings

CMG Webinar Series – Why Did My Job Run So Long? Speeding Performance by Understanding the Cause
January 21, 2016
CMG Webinar Series – Sense and Respond? Why not Predict and Prevent?
February 10, 2016

IMPACT 2016 Proceedings

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Modeling & Forecasting – Salsburg, Michael

Availability Intelligence – Phillips, Brent

Processor Reporting from Capture Ratio to RNI – Havekost, Todd

SMF Through Application Eyes – Houtekamer, Gilbert

Introduction to Hadoop MapReduce and Spark – Pentakalos, Odysseas

Capacity Management – Session 1 – Johnson, Charles

Capacity Management – Session 2 – Johnson, Charles

Capacity Management – Session 3 – Johnson, Charles

Windows System Performance Measurement and Analysis – Schwartz, Jeffry

The Relatively New LSPR and The IBM z13 and z13s Performance Brief – King, Gary

Cloud Monitoring – Focusing on Forecasting – Kucherova, Kristina

Capacity Planning & Performance Reporting – Friedman, Ellen & Lee, Roger

Is Your Capacity Available? – Trubin, Igor

Modern Performance Dysfunctions – Tomlinson, Mark

Why did my job run so long? – Baker, John

Pros and Cons of Doing Performance Testing Along with Development Versus at the End of it – Toledo, Federico & Palamarchuk, Sofía

Working on Application Slowness in Mainframe – Rajagopalan

The Convergence of Performance and Security – Wilson, Ron

Performance Monitoring and Capacity Planning for Cloud/SaaS Applications – Friedman, Ellen & Arora, Priyanka

To MIPS or Not to MIPS – King, Gary

The Capacity Manager in a Commoditized World – Fronheister, Rich

Cyber Security in Enterprise Networks – Corliss, John

Analyzing SSD/Flash Performance in High-End Storage – Meendernik, Cor

Blockchain: What, Why, How – Stahl, Elisabeth

System Utilization: Keeping the Glass Half Full – McNutt, Bruce

It’s not what you know – It’s who you know – Kalm, Denise

z/OS Performance Hot Topics – Walsh, Kathy

The Challenges of performance management in the cloud – Wustenhoff, Edward

Invited: Optimization Beyond the Infrastructure – Salsburg, Michael

Enterprise Performance Assurance Based On Big Data Analysis – Zibitsker, Boris

vSphere Capacity Management Essentials Workshop – Baker, Jamie

Get More MIPS out of your Processors – Houtekamer, Gilbert & Oudshoorn, Wim & Havekost, Todd

Performance Engineering For Big Data Applications – Zibitsker, Boris & Lupersolsky, Alex

Mainframe High-Performance In-Memory Technology – Strickland, Larry

Populating Big Data Repository from IMS – Strickland, Larry

Performance or Capacity? – Gilgur, Alexander & Politis, Steve

Invited: Reinventing Performance and Capacity Analysis with Real-Time Big Data – Harzog, Bernd

How Do You Measure that New z13? – Walsh, Kathy

The Business Risks of the Release Pipeline – Ariola, Wayne

Yes, And: What Performing Improvisation Has Taught Me About Collaborative IT – Anderson, Glenn

Reimagining Your Mainframe in the Digital Age – Anderson, Glenn

CMG-T: Java Performance Analysis and Tuning – Johnson, Peter

The Association Between Capacity Management, Cybersecurity, and Insider Threat – Greco, Christopher

Automated Capacity Planning for Cloud and Virtual Environments – Dixit, Aniket

How To Get Started When You Don’t Know Where To Start – Martin, Justin

How Rendering is Killing Your Scalability – Pulley, James

z/OS Performance Management in the World of Cloud, Mobile and APIs – Anderson, Glenn

The Definition of Normal – Reitbauer, Aloice

Dynamic Load Balancing and Continuos Service Delivery in a Big Cloud Infrastructure – Ardulov, Yuri

We’ve got to improve the bottom line! – Bajer, Jamie

Reinventing Performance Testing – Podelko, Alexander

Productivity: a new metric for performance analysis of multi-core and multi-threaded processors – Doni, Stefano & Giglioli, Francesco

Efficient Synthetic Data Generator for Structured Data – Phalak, Chetan & Singhal, Rekha

Virtualization Oversubscription – Bell, Phil

Fewer/Faster vs More/Slower: Practical Considerations – Chapman, Scott

How to Emulate Web Traffic Using Standard Load Testing Tools – Brady, James

VMware Cluster Capacity Planning – Bell, Phil

zllPier & zllPier: Down the SMT Measurement Rabbit Hole – Chapman, Scott

Modeling Minor Garbage Collection Overhead in Java SE 8 HotSpot Virtual Machine – Lou, Xiaosong

Accounting and Chargeback – Bonomini, Renato

z/OS Tunning Basics: Managing z/OS Workloads Using WLM – Anderson, Glenn

Performance Management in the Virtual Data Center – Friedman, Mark

Performance Management Made Easy – Fesite, Dale

Notes on Optimizing Two Tiers – Oudshoorn, Wim

Performance Testing HTTP/2 – Moore, Scott

z/OS Tunning Basics: Intro to RMF – Where do I find the important data? – Anderson, Glenn

Performance Engineering Modern Web Applications – Verma, Mohit

Capacity Management from the Ground up Case Study – Fesite, Dale

Memory Management in the TB Age – Chapman, Scott

Achieving Significant Capacity Improvements on IBM z13 – Havekost, Todd

IoT Performance and Capacity Planning in the Hybrid Cloud Era -Bakalov, Vess

Trace replay base I/O performance studies for enterprise workload migration – Virk, Rupinder

Solutions that solve mainframe batch window challenges – Zander, Allan

Capacity Management Maturity, Maslow, and You – Fronheiser, Rich

Invited: Modeling and Optimization of Multititiered Server-Based Systems – Menascé, Daniel

Avoiding costs, delays and failed releases with Lifecycle Virtualization – DeCapua, Todd

Capacity Management – Develop KPI’s and Automating the process – Johnson, Charles

A Knowledge Base to Support the Automatic Derivation of Performance Models of Operational Systems – Awad, Mahmoud

Spark and SMF: Fasten your Seatbelt. This is going to be a Wild Ride! – Kyne, Frank

Analytical Modeling and creating effective Baselines – Johnson, Charles


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