The Guide to Observability Virtual Summit - May 19, 2020 - Computer Measurement Group

The Guide to Observability Virtual Summit – May 19, 2020

System Utilization: Keeping the Glass Half Full – Bruce McNutt [2020 Update]
May 5, 2020
Observability Virtual Conference 2020 – Interview with Austin Parker
May 6, 2020

The Guide to Observability Virtual Summit – May 19, 2020

Virtual Summit May 19, 2020 2020

Observability Virtual Summit focuses on topics, methodologies, and education surrounding monitoring and observability. This event features high-level discussions, technical demonstrations, and Q&A sessions from practitioners who work in the field.  Learn about the newest approaches in monitoring and observability and which tools and techniques are being used in companies today.


  • The Complete Guide to Observability
  • Play with Lightstep Sandbox


  • Observability Maturity Report
  • Advisory BIB Honeycomb
  • The Open Source Observability Landscape

Resources are available to Virtual Conference Registrants and CMG members.
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DELL Technologies Contest

All conference registrants are entered to win a pair of 24-inch curved monitors with a dual monitor stand. The winning registrant will be contacted after the event.

Honeycomb LEGO® Contest

Honeycomb has announced a giveaway for conference participants. Take this quiz to enter to win a LEGO® International Space Station:

Membership is 50% off for Observability Attendees until May 23rd. Click Here to Join.

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