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Intersystems Resources

Is Reporting the Weak Link in Your Capacity Management Process?
June 18, 2019
CMG Is Pleased To Announce First Group of Keynote Speakers For IMPACT 2020
June 24, 2019

Intersystems Resources

InterSystems – IRIS Data Platform Whitepaper
Organizations in every industry are looking to exploit the strategic and operational benefits of
shortening and eliminating the delay between event, insight, and action. They also strive to
embed data-driven intelligence into their realtime business processes.

When successful, turning these goals into reality offers myriad benefits, including:

  • Delivering new and innovative business services,
  • Increasing revenues,
  •  Improving customer experiences,
  • Streamlining operations,
  • Identifying and decreasing risk,
  • Complying with new and ever-changing industry regulations, and
  • Reducing costs

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ESG Building Smarter Faster Scalable Data-Rich Applications
As the technology landscape evolves, organizations struggle with addressing the needs of modern applications. One reason for this is that organizations continue to leverage traditional database infrastructures, even force-fitting modern applications into an RDBMS due to familiarity or internal mandate. This leads to headaches for DBAs who are then stuck with managing independent physical infrastructures for each application, while also struggling to meet the performance, scalability, and flexibility requirements of many of these modern applications.
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Role of Data Management in Delivering the Digital Transformation Platform
The significance of digital transformation in ensuring that an enterprise thrives is rising. One key enabling technology system is the digital transformation platform, which is driven by data management. Thus, data management has a critical role in ensuring a successful digital transformation.
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