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Decoding Ethics: Navigating the Ethical Dilemmas of Artificial Intelligence

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November 21, 2023
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Decoding Ethics: Navigating the Ethical Dilemmas of Artificial Intelligence

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Decoding Ethics: Navigating the Ethical Dilemmas of Artificial Intelligence

This presentation delves into the ethical complexities arising from artificial intelligence’s (AI) integration into modern life. It highlights the gap between AI’s rapid technological advancements and the development of corresponding ethical guidelines. The talk categorizes ethical issues into five domains, using real-world examples like the Cambridge Analytica scandal and AI in healthcare, to illustrate the tangible impacts and moral challenges these issues present. It then explores solutions, such as ethical guidelines and regulatory oversight, emphasizing the collective responsibility of policymakers, technologists, and users in fostering ethical AI. The session culminates in an interactive Q&A, encouraging audience engagement in ethical discourse and practical problem-solving. Attendees will gain a thorough understanding of AI’s major ethical dilemmas, awareness of existing ethical frameworks, and insights into collaborative approaches to navigate the AI-augmented world responsibly.

As artificial intelligence (AI) runs through every facet of modern life, ethical considerations are lagging dangerously behind technological advancements. While AI offers unprecedented opportunities for innovation, it simultaneously presents a host of ethical dilemmas that challenge our social norms, governance structures, and moral frameworks. This presentation aims to dissect and clarify these complexities by exploring several types of ethical issues, such as data privacy, algorithmic bias, healthcare applications, mass surveillance, and autonomous weaponry.

The presentation will begin by categorizing ethical issues into five critical domains,  offering the audience a structured lens through which to examine the extensive ethical landscape of AI. Following this, real-world case studies will be presented to illuminate the tangible consequences and moral dilemmas these issues create. Examples will range from the Cambridge Analytica scandal that exploited user data  for political gains to the deployment of AI in healthcare systems, which has shown both promise and pitfalls in life-critical decisions. 

To move from problem identification to solution, the presentation will discuss  existing frameworks for ethical AI, focusing on ethical guidelines, regulatory  oversight, community engagement, and ethical auditing processes. These solutions will be mapped to the roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders, including policymakers, technologists, and end-users, thereby driving home the point that ethical AI is a collective endeavor.

The session will conclude with an interactive Q&A segment, designed to engage the  audience in a dialogue that reviews deeper into their own ethical standpoints,  challenges, and practical solutions.

This presentation seeks not merely to enlighten but to ignite action, equipping  attendees with both the nuanced understanding and the ethical framework needed to navigate the AI-augmented world responsibly.

By attending this presentation, participants will gain:
– A comprehensive understanding of the major ethical dilemmas in AI.
– Insight into real-world examples that highlight the immediate relevance and impact of these dilemmas.
– Awareness of existing frameworks and best practices for ethical AI.
– A platform for discussion, enabling collaborative exploration of this complex ethical landscape.

Presented by

Gashaw Tsegaye Shawo, Software Engineer, Broadcom

Gashaw Tsegaye is a seasoned professional in the field of computer science, boasting a robust academic background with both a Master’s and a Bachelor’s degree in the discipline. With over nine years of experience as a software engineer, Gashaw has demonstrated a profound proficiency in developing and implementing complex software solutions. This extensive experience in software engineering is complemented by four years as a lecturer, where Gashaw has imparted valuable knowledge and skills to the next generation of computer science professionals. His unique blend of practical industry experience and academic expertise makes him a distinguished figure in the field of computer science.

Venkat Balabhadrapatruni, Distinguished Engineer, Broadcom

Venkat Balabhadrapatruni is a Distinguished Engineer responsible for the architecture of Mainframe DevOps and Application modernization product portfolio in the Broadcom Mainframe Software Division. Venkat has extensive experience in the mainframe modernization and DevOps space, and as a member of the CTO team is also responsible for researching the applicability of new and emerging technologies to the mainframe world.

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