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IMPACT 2020 Proceedings

Design Best Practices for Upgrading Your Service Desk
February 4, 2020
How to Transform Your Leadership Approach in a Digital Transformation
February 11, 2020

IMPACT 2020 Proceedings

IMPACT2020 | Among a Billion Configurations, How Would You Find the Best One? – Stefano Doni, Akamas

The complexity of modern IT stack optimization, across both on-premises and hybrid cloud environments, has […]

IMPACT2020 | Bitcoin Mining & The Capacity Planning Stack – Richard Gimarc & Amy Spellmann

Bitcoin mining is one of the ways to make money from the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Mining […]

IMPACT2020 | Blockchain is the New Black: The Convergence of Blockchain, XR, AI and Emerging Tech – Amy Peck

Are you prepared for the next wave of technology? We spend a lot of time […]

IMPACT2020 | Building a Modern-Day Site Reliability Team – Anjeneya Dubey, Honeywell

In today’s fast-paced development environments, companies tend to focus on feature delivery speed so much […]

IMPACT2020 | Business Continuity & Contingency Planning or, Who Turned out the Lights -Jonathan Gladstone

In the early days of IT, it was enough to get our very expensive processors […]

IMPACT2020 | Changing the Rules of Engagement: Supporting Business Growth through Capacity Planning at Cerner – Andrea Gallo & Justin Martin

The IT operations team at Cerner, a leading supplier of health information technology, faced many […]

IMPACT2020 | Computing System Congestion Management Using Exponential Smoothing Forecasting – James Brady, Capacity Planner

An overloaded computer must finish what it starts and not start what will fail or […]

IMPACT2020 | Deep Learning: An Overview – Odysseas Pentakalos

Deep Learning is a branch of Artificial and Machine Learning that has surpassed the performance […]

IMPACT2020 | Deep Learning’s Most Dangerous Vulnerability: Adversarial Attacks – Luba Gloukhova

Groundbreaking theory, big data, and computing power—with this trifecta, the extraordinary advent of deep learning […]

IMPACT2020 | Driving the Business Case for Performance and Optimization – Allan Zander & Randy McCoy

A lot is changing in the world, driving tremendous uncertainty and volatility in IT demand. […]

IMPACT2020 | Four Recent Advances in AI and Machine Learning for IT Organizations – Dr. James McCaffrey

Dr. James McCaffrey is a senior research scientist engineer in the artificial intelligence group at […]

IMPACT2020 | How is DevOps changing the Modern Software Development Landscape? – Mohit Verma & Arsen Kotolyan

DevOps is becoming the new norm for many software development shops. An extension of Agile […]

IMPACT2020 | How to select appropriate IT Infrastructure to support Digital Transformation – Boris Zibitsker

The effective utilization of data might be one of the single biggest advantages of undergoing […]

IMPACT2020 | How Website Speed Affects Your Bottom Line and What You Can Do About It – Alla Gringaus

What if you improved your site’s speed so that you saw boosted ranking for mobile […]

IMPACT2020 | ITIL Version 4 Capacity and Performance Management in an Agile Container World – Chris Molloy

The advent of agile DevSecOps code development questions the validity of traditional capacity planning and […]

IMPACT2020 | Mainframe 101 – Jonathan Gladstone, Bank of Montreal

In the 1960s and 1970s, mainframe computing was the dominant paradigm in information processing. Rapid […]

IMPACT2020 | Marrying Artificial Intelligence and Automation to Drive Operational Efficiencies – Priyanka Arora, Asha Somayajula

As performance practitioners we have always applied engineering principles to deliver value outside our organization. […]

IMPACT2020 | Netflix Performance Tales in One Take – Ed Hunter, Engineering Leader, Netflix

At Netflix we’re focused on running our service as efficiently as possible to serve our […]

IMPACT2020 | Optimizing your Cloud – Igor Trubin, IT Manager, Capital

The public cloud has unlimited capacity if you have an unlimited budget to buy it. […]

IMPACT2020 | Performance Engineering as a Service: Enabling Performance Testing at Scale in a DevOps World – Jaishankar Padmanabhan

Performance is everything for an e-commerce company like Wayfair. The global e-commerce retailer employs more […]

IMPACT2020 | Performance is not only about response time – Henrik Rexed

Performance testing has often been the last step before deployment. Due to time constraints, many […]

IMPACT2020 | Practically Magic: How Anticipatory Design Is the Future of Product Development – Heather Wilde

Heather Wilde is a multiple–award winning, six-time CTO and 5x-certified executive coach. Heather was an […]

IMPACT2020 | Real Stories about Cloud Migration – Andrea Gallo and Genci Jajka

In the rush to control costs and deliver faster, many companies look to the cloud […]

IMPACT2020 | Real World DevOps – Abel Wang

It is now 2020 and good DevOps practices are no longer just nice to have. […]

IMPACT2020 | Resource Optimization in an Ever-changing Landscape – Tuli Nivas, Salesforce

In a landscape where things change constantly, be it the hardware, software, or workload and […]

IMPACT2020 | Save MSUs and Reduce Run-Times for Analytics and MXG Reporting – Paul Massengill

The mainframe team of a Fortune 500 Transportation Provider was tasked with conflicting goals: (1) […]

IMPACT2020 | Scaling Multi-Cloud with Infrastructure as Code – Andre Agostinho, SindicoNet

In the age of DevOps, “infrastructure as code” (IaC) is an emerging practice in which […]

IMPACT2020 | Security and Encryption for the Future – Elisabeth Stahl

Since 2013, 14.7 billion records have been breached and the average cost of a breach […]

IMPACT2020 | Self-Healing Trifecta – Earlier Warning, Faster RCA, Automated Resolution – Jyotsna Chatradhi

Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics are changing the way enterprises manage their IT operations […]

IMPACT2020 | Tailored Fit Pricing: How to Manage Workload in a world without Capping – Chris Walker

Since their invention in the 1950s, workload planning and cost management has been the primary […]

IMPACT2020 | The #1 Challenge of Digital Transformation. It’s NOT what you think. – Allan Zander

From customer experience to data integration, to business intelligence and beyond, digital transformation has come […]

IMPACT2020 | The role of the CISO in an Ever-Changing World – Elena Seiple, MGM Resorts International

The role of the Chief Information Security Officer has continued to evolve since it first […]

IMPACT2020 | The story of a Bank, a Bot, and an ELK (or how Banca d’Italia used Machine Learning to enable Capacity Planning and Anomaly Resolution) – Pietro Tiberi & Marco Capotosto, Banca d’Italia

In this session, Pietro Tiberi and Marco Capotosto of Banca d’Italia will present a case […]

IMPACT2020 | What’s that VM/Server Doing? – Debbie Sheetz

Server/VM-level measurements notify the capacity/performance analyst of resource usage patterns during (1) capacity threshold breaches […]

IMPACT2020 | You can’t always get what you want. Or can you? An Evaluation of Cloud-Native Tools – Karen Hughes, BMC

As companies innovate with their infrastructure configurations, the variety of tools to manage these systems […]

IMPACT2020 | Your Open-Source Machine Learning Tool Kit – Luiz Eduardo Gazola de Souza & Joao Natalino De Oliveira

During this session, our speakers will present a set of open-source tools widely adopted and […]

IMPACT2020 | z/OS Performance and Capacity Fundamentals – Scott Chapman

Are you new to the mainframe and interested in what makes a mainframe tick from […]

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