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Mainframe Modernization 2023: Databases and Open Source Software

The use of Open Source software helps users and administrators of databases gain significant value in analyzing the functionality and performance of their specific database products. 

By establishing a connection to the database itself via a REST API with optional Open Source ZOWE features and combining it with an Open Source time-series database along with a dashboard visualization package will produce the following benefits:

  • Enable client dashboards or application to view system and performance data.
  • Allows users to implement and automate warnings and recommendations to avoid system risks.
  • Provides flexibility to leverage modern, user friendly tooling improving the user experience. 

Here is an example of a real time use case for a Database Administrator (DBA):

As a Database REST API user, I need the ability to quickly and easily access data in order to leverage solutions that analyze system issues, automate processes and alerts, and create intelligent recommendations for tuning. 

We’ll take a look at implementation techniques to satisfy a performance monitoring use case, using open-source tools to visualize performance metrics exposed by an API.

Our example will be based on the Zowe API for an example IDMS database, but the techniques are general and can be applied to any product that exposes performance metrics through a REST API.

Presented by Thomas A. Halinski

Thomas Halinski has been a Mainframe Value Manager, a Technical Services Consultant and an Assistant Project Manager for Broadcom, Inc. for the past several years. He supports the Sales Team for the Mainframe Software Division’s primary solutions and plays a valuable role in promoting  and deploying open source tools for the modernization of the mainframe arena. For the prior 40+ years, he has been a Business Applications Consultant for various industries performing Enterprise Application Design, program design, development, and coding. He specializes in MVS performance tuning, with an emphasis in Db2. He has written several papers, has presented them internationally and has been published in the IDUG Solutions Journal. He has held the Subject Area Chair – z/Series position for the Computer Management Group’s (CMG) National Conference for 7 years and was also an Assistant Project Manager for SHARE – EWCP for 5 years. He has received the distinction of becoming an IBM Champion for 2023.

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