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March 25, 2023
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March 28, 2023

Mainframe Modernization: Automation Makes it Possible

So, you’re moving from the mainframe to the cloud via re-platforming, refactoring, or rearchitecting your legacy applications. Great!

However, you’ll quickly discover that your legacy mainframe-centric job scheduler won’t work in the cloud. In fact, during the transition, you’ll probably want to run workloads in a hybrid environment (both on the mainframe and in the cloud.)

Don’t worry, there is a clear answer to make this work. 

Join Stonebranch and AWS to learn how enterprises are bridging the hybrid automation gap. We’ll explore a template-driven approach to shifting existing mainframe batch schedules to the cloud.

During this session and live demo: 

  • Explore how a modern service orchestration and automation platform (SOAP) helps keep your operations running smoothly during the migration and beyond.
  • Learn how to automate the conversion of existing mainframe schedules with emulated runtime environments.
  • Discover how to transform legacy time-based batch jobs into real-time event-driven automation.
  • See the whole solution in action with a live demo of Stonebranch’s high availability, template-driven integration with AWS Mainframe Modernization services.

Presented by:

Peter Baljet, CTO, Stonebranch
As CTO, Peter’s mission is to bring Stonebranch’s vision to the market. With more than 25 years of experience in technology product strategy, development, and operations, he is a recognized industry thought leader in the areas of cloud and big data/analytics. Prior to Stonebranch, Mr. Baljet helped drive innovations as a senior leader with organizations including SAP, Deloitte Consulting, and Visiprise. He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from Auburn University and a master’s degree in management of technology (MBA) from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Huseyin Gomleksizoglu, Senior Solution Engineer, Stonebranch
Huseyin Gomleksizoglu is a Sr. Solutions Engineer at Stonebranch with over 20 years of experience in software development and analysis across various industries including business services and telecom. Huseyin has headed the Stonebranch automation testing team. Presently, his focus is solution engineering and customer success enablement. He holds a Computer Science and Engineering degree from Istanbul University.

Bob Lemieux, Director, Solution Engineering, Stonebranch
Bob Lemieux is the Director of Solution Engineering for Stonebranch, where he and his team create tailored technology solutions that streamline automated processes and drive business results for customers. Throughout his career, he has been integral in helping many Fortune 500 companies accelerate their digital transformations through automation and orchestration. A veteran of the IT automation industry, Mr. Lemieux has extensive experience in connecting workflows across mainframes, cloud, Unix and Windows platforms, as well as SAP and PeopleSoft applications.

Vaidy Sankaran, Sr Modernization Architect, Amazon Web Services Inc
A Senior Modernization Leader for AWS, Vaidyanathan Sankaran assists enterprise customers in modernizing and migrating legacy platform apps to modern-stack cloud architectures. His skillset includes more than 12 years of experience in the areas of legacy-to-cloud modernization, AI/ML, and DevOps. Mr. Sankaran is an internationally published author of peer-reviewed articles and holds a Master of Science in computer software engineering


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