In Appreciation: Allan Zander - Computer Measurement Group

In Appreciation: Allan Zander

IMPACT 2023 Proceedings
March 2, 2023
Mainframe Modernization 2023: Frenemies Panel Discussion
March 9, 2023

In Appreciation: Allan Zander

Shout out to Allan Zander who completed his service on CMG’s board of directors earlier this year. I want to thank Allan for being an engaging board member and for serving as our treasurer. As CEO of DataKinetics and omNovos, Allan brought important new perspectives to the board discussions. Thanks, Allan!

Amanda Hendley
Managing Director @ CMG


Past Sessions from Allan:

IMPACT 2019: Digital transformation and the reality of the new customer experience – Allan Zander, omNovos

IMPACT 2019: Perspectives on digital transformation – Michael Chadwell, Amanda Hendley, Anoush Najarian, Bryan Knouse, Allan Zander

IMPACT2020 | Driving the Business Case for Performance and Optimization – Allan Zander & Randy McCoy

IMPACT2020 | The #1 Challenge of Digital Transformation. It’s NOT what you think. – Allan Zander

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