Webinar: “Securing Challenging Opportunities” -Donna Ceriani, Leadership Success Coach - Computer Measurement Group

Webinar: “Securing Challenging Opportunities” -Donna Ceriani, Leadership Success Coach

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Webinar: “Securing Challenging Opportunities” -Donna Ceriani, Leadership Success Coach

Securing Challenging Opportunities -Donna Ceriani, Leadership Success Coach

You’re good at what you do but sometimes it feels like you can do it blindfolded. You’re wondering what to do differently to get more interesting work assignments. It would be great to feel energized about what you’re doing. And make an even bigger impact in the organization.
Join this highly interactive and engaging workshop to learn practical steps to:
  • Define what a “challenging” assignment means to you
  • Clarify the types of assignments to pursue
  • Position yourself for what you really want
  • Communicate your goals more effectively
  • Understand what makes you “top of mind” when those opportunities appear
About the Presenter: Donna Ceriani, Leadership Success Coach
Donna Ceriani is Leadership Success Coach, helping leaders in technology navigate career choices, enhance their leadership impact, and inspire their teams to achieve their best results. For more than 25 years, Donna has held senior management roles in technology leading teams across the U.S., Europe and Asia in the financial services, health care and technology industries. She was recently the Chief People Officer for SmartBear Software, winning a 2013 “Best Place to Work” award in Boston. Prior to that, she was an Executive Director for Global Client Operations for a company owned by Thomson Reuters and DTCC, living in Boston, NYC and Singapore. She now brings her vast experience to support her clients on their own journey to achieve their goals.


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