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How to Socialize Like a Mainframer

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April 26, 2022
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May 20, 2022

How to Socialize Like a Mainframer

Did you know that there is a mainframe culture? If you’re involved with mainframe-relevant user groups such as CMG, SHARE, GSE and the like, or online communities such as the IBM-MAIN listserv or various social media groups, you may think that these are the essence of mainframe culture – and in some ways, you wouldn’t be wrong. But it’s as much a culture that we bring with us after being mentored into it at work, as it is learning the culture through experience in user communities, from networking, to history, to funny traditions. This session will look at the various dimensions and facets of mainframe culture and socialization, trace the various threads to their histories and sources, suggest ways to perpetuate and build that culture as a new generation arrives, and then open the virtual floor to discussion and brainstorming of additional insights in the Q&A.


About the Speaker:

Reg Harbeck, who has been recognized by IBM as a Z Champion, has been involved in IT and mainframes for over three decades across the entire spectrum of business computing. He has written, presented, consulted and taught courses on mainframe-related matters world-wide, and is heavily involved in the mainframe ecosystem, and especially with user groups such as CMG and SHARE. He is currently working on the thesis for his Master’s degree in humanities, with a tentative title of “The Humanity of the Mainframe.” Reg is Chief Strategist at Mainframe Analytics ltd.

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