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IMPACT 2022 – Mainframe innovation: unlock any data for any application

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IMPACT 2022 – Mainframe innovation: unlock any data for any application

Discover how to manage data complexity and access to mainframe unstructured data and external data sources (e.g. Oracle, Teradata) through a virtualization layer with IBM Data Virtualization Manager for z/OS. Find out how to exploit this solution to innovate traditional mainframe applications to adapt to new business requirements and trends in a data gravity model.

Virtualization creates a unified data environment that allows access to data, in a transparent way to the user, directly in the environment in which they reside. This eliminates the need to create redundant copies of data, simplifying its management and costs. Simplifying all this is not only a matter of cost, but it makes it possible to guarantee a higher quality of the data exposed. Data has great importance for our business. DVM allows users and applications to access R/W data on z/OS and Enterprise environments in real-time making them accessible to any application. So you can have a greater openness of the z/OS platform to heterogeneous external environments (such as SQL Server, Teradata, Oracle). DVM takes advantage of the inherent security of the z/OS platform and by exploiting the zIIP technology it reduces CPU consumption. CPU consumption is a hot topic nowadays. DVM also includes a number of query optimization features like the parallelism of the input/output operations and MapReduce functionality. Since all customers are unique and have different needs there are some other reasons that are important for us. With DVM we would simplify the architecture and the management of the virtualization solution. The adoption of DVM can also facilitate the migration of Cobol applications that are still using Oracle Client for z /OS which is now out of support for Oracle databases above release 12.1. In Sogei we have heterogeneous databases, with DVM we would expand the opportunities to access all data available to us This can lead to creating new applications and new services for our customers. We will talk about the configuration and some use cases we have tested.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand DVM basics
  • Explore how DVM can help to innovate mainframe without moving data
  • Prove how DVM can help to innovate mainframe without moving data

About the Speakers:

Chiara Baldan, Data Engineer, SOGEI -Chiara works as Data Engineer at Sogei. Sogei has developed and run IT services able to manage the complexity of the public system. Sogei aims to build a citizen experience new, simple, fast, and, above all, completely digital through innovation, skills development, and investments in new technologies. Chiara is working for the “Service & Technology Innovation Hub” in the area of “Change and Service Management”. She is part of the team “Change and Release Management”. The mission of the team is the governance and the management towards a cloud-oriented Data Center and the design and implementation of processes from a cloud perspective. She has over 15 years of experience in mainframe environments. She was nominated IBM Champion for the last two years.

Laura Guidi, Data Engineer, SOGEI – Laura works as Data Engineer at Sogei. Laura is working for the “Service & Technology Innovation Hub” in the area of “Cross Service & Solution”. She is part of the team “Data Platform Solution”. The mission of this team is to build solutions for Data Management, Data Analytics, and  Data Lake to satisfy business needs and to contribute to the evolution of data platforms. She has over 20 years of experience in Db2 and Mainframe environments. Currently, she is working with Data Virtualization and Data Protection.

Francesco Borrello is a z Data & AI Technical Sales Specialist in IBM Technology Italy. He joined IBM in 2011 and, during his initial learning process, he obtained a master’s in “Centralized Systems for Cloud Computing”. His main mission is to help customers in driving new business opportunities adopting both traditional Hybrid Data Management / Analytics and innovative ML / AI solutions on IBM Z and new business practices. He acted as a speaker at several international conferences and technical user groups, and he is the author of ‘IBM Data Virtualization Manager for z/OS’ Redbook.


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