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SRE’s Evolution- Introduction to Technical and Cultural Practices

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October 12, 2021
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SRE’s Evolution- Introduction to Technical and Cultural Practices


DevOps is a mindset change that tries to balance release velocity with system reliability. It aims to increase an organization’s ability to continuously deliver reliable applications and services at a high velocity when compared to traditional soft ware development processes. A common misconception about DevOps is that it is a technology.

Instead, DevOps is a set of supporting practices (such as, build, test, and deployment) that combines software development and IT operations. Th ese practices establish a culture that breaks down the metaphorical wall between developers (who aim to push new features to production) and system administrators or operators (who aim to keep the code running in production). Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is Google’s approach to align incentives between development and operations that are key to building and maintaining reliable engineering systems. SRE is a prescriptive way to implement DevOps practices and principles. The talk will focus on SRE’s evolution, it’s approach towards DevOps key pillars and will introduce SRE’s key technical and cultural practices at a high level.


Sandeep Madamanchi currently serves as Director – Head Of CloudOps & Data Engineering for Variant. Previously he was a Director in R&D division at Manhattan Associates and was head of the Productivity Engineering & Tooling team. Sandeep is currently passionate about cloud technologies, and he is a certified GCP & AWS Architect. In addition to his role at Variant, Sandeep serves as faculty at Emory University’s Department of Computer Science and Mathematics and is an author with Packt. Sandeep is also passionate about sharing knowledge and has published articles on topics related to Docker, Kubernetes, GCP services etc. with popular publications on medium. Sandeep’s book, Google Cloud for DevOps Engineers: A practical guide to SRE and achieving Google’s Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer certification, is available on



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