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Everything I know about Cloud I Learned From a Dog

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Everything I know about Cloud I Learned From a Dog


Understanding how to align expectations and reality of cloud deployments to deliver on your business outcomes. Why you should consider a real cloud strategy consisting of an overarching purpose, a well-thought-out plan, executed through meaningful actions and activities, with clearly defined and measurable outcomes.

Speaker: Matthew Rotkis

The Enterprise Technolgist role at Dell is absolutely unique in the Information Technology industry. It represents the intersection of customers, field sales and product development to deliver not only industry leading datacenter products, but the strategies to deploy them to realize tangible business value. It regulary entails discussions at a very high level, with executive management at customers, alignment with technical sales leadership and senior product development.

As an Enterprise Technologist I am directly responsible for three key objectives: Engage with customers, understand their challenges and evangelize Dell’s data center strategy message as it relates to their needs. Secondly, to enable the Dell technical field sales teams through communicating deep product knowledge, value proposition, and strategic postioning. Finally, Provide relevant and rapid feedback from those customer engagements and Dell field sales personnel to Dell Product Group for integration into products to best meet the needs of customers.

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