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October 22, 2020
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October 27, 2020

What to Do When Resources Go Down and Demand Goes Up: A Pandemic Story

During the pandemic, some enterprises have seen demand increase (securities trading processors, wine club home delivery, media streaming providers); others have seen demand decline. Leaders in both camps tell ASG that resources are remaining fixed or declining, while customer and business demands continue to rise. The burden is magnified by a workforce that is now remote and geographically dispersed.

In this presentation, ASG’s VP of Product Management Jeff Cherrington will discuss some of these cases and explain how enterprises are responding using data visualization and automation to bridge the gaps imposed by both a remote workforce and increasing demands for innovation.


Jeff Cherrington

Vice President of Product Management, Systems

ASG Technologies

Jeff Cherrington is the Vice President of Product Management for Systems at ASG Technologies where he drives product strategy, go-to-market, and new product introduction. Jeff brings over 30 years of extensive experience providing data processing and packaged software to payments, banking, finance, and other verticals. He has experience in sales, customer service, and program management within both initial stage start-ups and billion-dollar public companies. Jeff also holds an Executive MBA from the University of Nebraska.


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