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October 15, 2020
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October 23, 2020

AIOps: New Demands Create New Opportunities


The explosion of data and evolving computing models are poised to take AI from niche use cases to widespread adoption, including on the mainframe. Improved algorithms and deeper experience are leading to in-depth diagnostics, better predictions, and greater opportunity to automate routine processes across your hybrid IT environment. This opens opportunities for AIOps to detect issues sooner, diagnose them faster, and foster self-healing systems through trusted automation. Learn how leading organizations are adopting AIOps and what’s on the horizon.

Speaker bio:

Nicole Fagen leads Product Management and Strategy for AIOps and Automation at Broadcom. She continuously operates with a “can do” growth mindset, leading people to collaborate effectively to drive innovation. At Broadcom, she empowers 30+ scrum teams to excel in developing industry-leading solutions. She is passionate about partnering directly with customers to ensure their needs are fully understood and their expectations are exceeded.

Over the course of her 20 years of mainframe experience, Nicole has been dedicated to enabling customer success by providing world-class enterprise software solutions that simplify infrastructure management and achieve 99.999 or higher availability. To that end, she led the creation of and continues to nurture a robust 360-degree customer engagement program. The program spans design thinking, sprint reviews, testing opportunities, and on-premise validations and guarantees that solutions are designed to be continuously available, resilient, scalable, automated, easy-to-manage and user-friendly. In this way, customers are able to maximize their mainframe investments.

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