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What to Do When Resources Go Down and Demand Goes Up: A Pandemic Story
October 23, 2020
What to Do When Resources Go Down and Demand Goes Up: A Pandemic Story
November 12, 2020

The Digital Dilemma

We always hear how the mainframe “runs the world”. But 2020 is a year unlike any other. COVID in particular has changed much of how we operate – how and where we work, how we shop, and has rapidly changed our association with cash. It’s clear that digital transformation is occurring and accelerating exponentially across almost all industries.

So what does that mean for our systems? Will the mainframe will actually fortify its position as the machine that runs the worlds financials networks or is it the opportunity for distributed to come in and displace the mainframe?


Allan Zander Bio:

Allan Zander is the CEO at DataKinetics, a privately-held mainframe software company based in Ottawa, Ontario. Under Allan’s leadership, DataKinetics has been transformed from a sleepy software company into a global force in the industry. 

After joining DataKinetics in 2009, Allan quickly identified a number of growth opportunities. His strategy, to build partnerships with a select handful of boutique technology companies offering unique and effective solutions to the mainframe IT ecosystem and to expand internationally into the European, ASEAN, and Latin American markets have not only delivered tremendous growth, but have positioned DataKinetics as the pre-eminent authority in Data Performance. 

This global recognition, and the forging of new and strategic relationships led to the establishment in 2015 of omNovos – a DataKinetics subsidiary. Leveraging DataKinetics’s data expertise and the acquisition of MiniCheckout – a Vancouver-based start-up, omNovos provides retailers with a powerful tool that enables the personalization of each and every shopper’s journey. PACE is an omni-channel customer engagement solution that creates and makes efficient use of the single user profile to deliver personalized shopper interactions at every touchpoint – In-App, Online, In-Store – providing retailers and their customers with a truly unique customer experience. 

Before joining DataKinetics, Allan played important roles in the success and profitability more recently at Solacom Technologies in Canada as Vice President of Business Development, and at CML Emergency Services as Director of Product Management. He has also held senior positions with world-class organizations such as Mitel Networks and Nortel Networks. 

In 2007, Allan was privileged to be a recipient of the Ottawa Business Journal Top 40-Under-40 award. An entrepreneur at heart, he co-founded two businesses: Envision Software & Systems and Canadian Imperative Corporation. He has demonstrated his ability in leading collaborative teams that perform productively, and in building successful companies. This is reflected in his personal business philosophy: it is not about the individual; it is about the company.

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