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October 13, 2020
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October 22, 2020

The New Normal: Mainframe Modernization

Why do organizations that modernize instead of re-platform report paying less on hardware, software, and staffing, while reporting higher end user satisfaction?

Why does IDC project that organizations who modernize their mainframes will realize average benefits worth more than 6x what they invest to transform their mainframe platforms?

Even with these compelling data points, industry research continues to reveal a lack of awareness among IT leaders on how to leverage the out-of-box modern capabilities available on today’s “legacy” systems.

Too few know the modern power of the IBM z15; it is purpose-built for cloud, engineered to encrypt data everywhere, provide for cloud-native development, and deliver the highest level of stability and availability.

As a result, organizations are making decisions based on a lack of information, and unintentionally spending millions of dollars and taking years to re-platform their mainframe, only to risk rendering their most critical business systems less secure, less reliable and less robust.

Join us to learn how organizations that leverage the capabilities of today’s mainframe, alongside new and innovative technologies, report improved system agility, security, and performance that allows them to exploit new revenue streams and achieve cost savings.

Workload should be placed on the most suitable platform.  It’s time to move to cloud without introducing security risks and migration challenges.  It’s time to transform applications and data on IBM Z, a modern platform, purpose-built for cloud.


Panelist Bios:

Nicole Fagen leads AI Ops and Automation at Broadcom. She continuously operates with a “can do” growth mindset, leading people to collaborate effectively to drive innovation. At Broadcom, she empowers 30+ scrum teams to excel in developing industry-leading solutions. She is passionate about partnering directly with customers to ensure their needs are fully understood and their expectations are exceeded.

Peter Rutten is a Research Director within IDC’s Enterprise Infrastructure Practice, covering research on computing platforms. In this role, Mr. Rutten focuses on high-end, accelerated, and heterogeneous infrastructure and their use cases, which include supercomputing, massively parallel computing, artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics, and in-memory computing. His research on high-end servers includes mission-critical x86 platforms, mainframes, and RISC-based systems as well as their operating environments (Linux, z/OS, Unix). His research on accelerated computing includes servers with GPUs, FPGAs, ASICs, and other accelerators that are deployed in the cloud as well as on-premises. Mr. Rutten also examines emerging technologies and platforms such as quantum computing, neuromorphic computing and others that have the potential to disrupt mature infrastructure markets. Furthermore, Mr. Rutten covers infrastructure for select workloads such as SAP HANA. As part of his role, Mr. Rutten performs market sizing in these areas as well as custom market sizing for IDC’s clients.

Vince Re is working with the team to define and build the company’s flagship software product line and is on the Advisory Board. He is Founder and President of TechTiles, a software company delivering automation and analytics to streamline operations for customers. Vince also serves as a Technical Advisor in artificial intelligence, big data and mainframe innovation.

Peter Russo is a VP and head of product marketing at Rocket Software, championing the value of modernizing existing platforms, which might be the best choice for many of today’s largest organizations. Previously, Peter was an executive at SAP, leading multiple zero to 1+ billion business launches, including SAP’s flagship ERP, S/4HANA.

Jeanne Glass is Founder and CEO of VirtualZ Computing and the visionary behind the company’s mission to deliver new levels of automated optimization and cost savings for mainframe customers. Appointed to the Board of Directors, Jeanne chairs the Industry Influence and Editorial Committees of SHARE Association, and is a Senior Associate with the Service Profit Chain Institute, an affiliate of the Harvard Business School.


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