Unveiling the Excitement at the CMG IMPACT Conference: A Hub of Learning and Innovation in IT - Computer Measurement Group

Unveiling the Excitement at the CMG IMPACT Conference: A Hub of Learning and Innovation in IT

IMPACT 2024: Structuring the Frontier: Generative and Industrial AI Unveiled
December 28, 2023
Finalists Announced for 2024 IMPACT Innovation Award
January 11, 2024

Unveiling the Excitement at the CMG IMPACT Conference: A Hub of Learning and Innovation in IT

In the heart of Atlanta, the CMG IMPACT Conference stands as a beacon for professionals navigating the dynamic seas of enterprise IT and digital transformation. This event is more than just a series of presentations; it’s a confluence of ideas, innovations, and insights, promising an immersive experience for every attendee.

The CMG IMPACT Conference is not just about passive listening; these sessions are interactive, engaging, and, most importantly, focused on imparting high-value learning. What makes the CMG IMPACT Conference truly unique is its blend of theoretical knowledge with practical demonstrations. From the very first conference more than 40 years ago CMG has promoted peer-to-peer learning as the cornerstone of its conference. And these speakers at the CMG IMPACT Conference are not just leaders in their fields; they are pioneers who have walked the path of challenges and innovation. They bring with them stories not just of success but of real, actionable solutions. Sessions like the one on end-to-end performance monitoring using the end-user experience or insights into cloud regression detection are more than just talks; they are learning experiences, crafted from years of expertise.

And there’s more than just presentations, there will be technical demonstrations, workshops, exhibitors, networking, and fun activities as well.

Whether you’re looking to stay ahead in the ever-changing world of IT, seeking solutions to specific challenges, or just wanting to be part of a vibrant community of tech enthusiasts, this conference is where you need to be. The CMG IMPACT Conference is not just an event to attend; it’s an experience to be a part of.

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Check out these sessions and topics at IMPACT 24 in Atlanta:

  • Allocating Mainframe Costs: A session by SMT Data discussing the complexities and tradeoffs in mapping technical measurements to applications and organizations.
  • The Future of AIOps on Mainframe: Insights into integrating IBM Z with ServiceNow for improved incident remediation and visibility.
  • End-to-End Performance Monitoring: A novel approach to performance monitoring from the end user’s perspective, challenging traditional methods.
  • Selecting a Mainframe Performance Analytics Platform: A case study from the Bank of Montreal on selecting a mainframe performance analytics tool.
  • Evolving the Modern Mainframe Software Development Mindset: Learn from a world-class development shop about their software development process and tools.
  • Reactive and Preventive Capacity Management Processes: Strategies for effective capacity management reporting in complex enterprises.
  • Regression Detection in the Cloud: Insights into the challenges of automated regression detection in cloud environments.
  • Performance Testing at Redis: An overview of Redis’s framework for performance tests and telemetry gathering.
  • Scaling in Clouds: Discussion on various aspects of scaling in cloud environments with a user case study.
  • Optimizing Digital Ecosystems: Strategies for effective performance and capacity management in digital landscapes.
  • Chaos Engineering & Performance Testing: A holistic framework linking chaos engineering with performance testing.
  • From Batch to Real-Time Event-Driven Architecture: Strategies for transitioning to real-time processing and the importance of governance.
  • Building Cloud-Agnostic Multi-Tenant SaaS Applications: Lessons learned from building a cloud-agnostic application.
  • Debugging Yourself: Strategies for overcoming personal barriers in tech careers.
  • Farm to Plate AI: A workshop demonstrating AI applications in sustainable food supply chains.
  • IMPACT Innovation Awards Presentation: Recognizing groundbreaking innovations in the field.
  • Decoding Ethics in AI: Navigating ethical dilemmas in the rapidly evolving AI landscape.
  • AI and ML in Industry 4.0: Exploring the role of AI and ML in smart manufacturing and automation.
  • Generative and Industrial AI: Insights from ISG’s Chief Strategy Officer on the latest advancements in AI.
  • Security of Connected Devices in Critical Infrastructure: Strategies for securing operational technology environments.
  • Advanced Trends in Authentication: Evolution of authentication methods and their future trajectory.
  • Enhancing Marketing Operations: Strategies for optimizing marketing operations in a data-driven landscape.
  • Enhancing Document Workflow with Generative AI: A case study on improving document-centric workflows using AI.


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