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2020 CMG Malaysia Board of Directors:


Chair – Dr. Ahmad Tasir

Vice Chair – Abdul Malek Othman

Director –  Kaveh Javani


CMG Malaysia is going to play an effective role in Malaysia human resources development in digital transformation path through being connected to a global highly skilled membership network. As Malaysia is a pioneer country in Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation, besides promoting personal skills, CMG Malaysia believes in strengthening the readiness of enterprises to exploit technology and the advantages of digitalization.


In the first year, although we welcome all IT-based technologies but our focus will be on the enabling technologies in basis of Industry 4.0 as per Malaysia National Policy:




During Aug. 1st 2020 up to Sep. 1st 2021 our events are:

    • Specialized Digital Transformation webinar for Power Sector in Oct. 2020 – GET EVENT INFO HERE
    • Specialized Digital Transformation webinar for Health Sector in Dec. 2020
    • Specialized Digital Transformation webinar for Oil/Gas Sector in Feb. 2021
    • Specialized Digital Transformation Webinar for SMEs in April 2021
    • The 1st annual international conference on Digital Transformation in July 2021
    • Monthly seminar/webinar on future digital world for schools, third week of every month
    • Monthly webinar on digital world skills for universities, second week of every month
    • Monthly Digital Transformation webinars, last week of every month


CMG Malaysia Webinar: Digital World Skills – October 8, 2020

Digital Transformation in TIME dotCom – Afzal Abdul Rahim, Chief Executive Officer, Time Dotcom BHD

Thriving Digital Transformations Relies on Human Transformation – Heidi Gutekunst, CEO/Co-founder, Amara Collaboration

IR 4.0 and its system application Issues and Challenges – Prof. Rusli Haji Abdullah, Dean in the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, UPM

Full Computer Automation in Enterprise Management in IR4.0 – Aziz Ismail, Founder and CEO, Authentic Venture Sdn Bhd

Future-Proof Your Technology Career – Amanda Hendley, President & Managing Director, Computer Measurement Group (CMG)



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