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CMG Malaysia: Future-proof your Technology Career

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October 8, 2020
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October 8, 2020

CMG Malaysia: Future-proof your Technology Career

Future-Proof Your Technology Career

In this presentation, Amanda Hendley will discuss the impact of advancing technologies on the workforce and employer needs. She will talk about shifts in infrastructure, development methodologies, skilled labor markets, and consumers have changed the way companies must do business and the way technologists must evolve to stay in-demand.


Amanda Hendley, President & Managing Director, Computer Measurement Group (CMG)

As President and Managing Director of Computer Measurement Group, Inc, Amanda Hendley provides resources and facilitates connections to give CMG members a competitive edge. With her vast experience launching and refining events and programs, Amanda is positioning CMG for exponential growth and supporting member companies in their digital transformations.

Prior to her role at CMG, Amanda Hendley was Chief Operating Officer of Technology Association of Georgia, the nation’s fastest growing technology trade association. In her tenure at Technology Association of Georgia, membership grew from 1,800 members to 35,000 and revenues quadrupled.

Mrs. Hendley is a graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology where she studied Business. She resides in Atlanta, Georgia.



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