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December 2023

December 28, 2023
IMPACT 2024: Structuring the Frontier: Generative and Industrial AI Unveiled
Join ISG’s Chief Strategy Officer - Prashant Kelker - for a straightforward look at the latest advancements in Generative and Industrial AI. This session, based on a recent research study of over 50 enterprises and technology platforms, will deliver key insights into successful applications and evolving practices in the field. We’ll also discuss emerging architectures and governance patterns in this emerging technology area. Gain a clear, focused insight into the present status and future possibilities of Generative and Industrial AI, with access to practical strategies and information sourced directly from recent research and application.
December 28, 2023
Selecting a mainframe performance analytics platform
Almost ten years ago I started exploring the possibility of moving away from homegrown mainframe performance analytics at the Bank of Montreal. Over a few years I built a long list of possible products and vendors, put together a cross disciplinary team who shared my interest, and eventually selected a vendor and tool to work with. This is (mostly) the story of how we went from long list, to short list, to selecting a single vendor.
December 22, 2023
End-To-End Performance Testing, Profiling, and Analysis at Redis
This session is about best practices and lessons learned after building a cloud-agnostic multi-tenant SaaS application. It will cover topics related to tenant provisioning, passing context in microservices, tenant onboarding with AuthN and AuthZ, data partitioning, DevOps strategies, and cross-cutting concerns.
December 19, 2023
The future of AIOps on mainframe – data discovery, ServiceNow, and ChatOps
While ServiceNow has a comprehensive and robust ecosystem for distributed data/components, there are still many challenges for organizations trying to marry IBM Z and ServiceNow. Enterprises infrastructure teams need the ability to discover and map IBM Z resources into ServiceNow to unlock better incident remediation, better visibility across teams, and reduced mean time to repair. In this session you will learn how IBM Z Discovery for ServiceNow CMDB works and why "ChatOps" is becoming so pervasive for AIOps. We'll discuss how ChatOps can be used for incident management in reducing the mean time to resolution, and why it can be a useful practice for Z shops wanting to leverage ServiceNow as a central source of truth tied to events stemming from mainframe.
December 19, 2023
Stormy Monday – Reactive and Preventive Capacity Management Processes
Monday has been a typical day where application outages occurred. Often, due to the complexity of the enterprise, Tuesday and the rest of the week were just the same! We will discuss how effective capacity management reporting is used to quickly return the business to service. "What reporting should be reviewed and communicated in the first moments of an outage? -What additional performance reporting is critical to resolving an incident? -What reporting and capacity management processes contribute to improvements to the resiliency of the enterprise? -What are some of the forecast variances that occur in predicting future capacity? Who is responsible for resolution? -How should capacity management reporting be effectively used in the post-mortem process?"
December 4, 2023
Decoding Ethics: Navigating the Ethical Dilemmas of Artificial Intelligence
This presentation delves into the ethical complexities arising from artificial intelligence's (AI) integration into modern life. It highlights the gap between AI's rapid technological advancements and the development of corresponding ethical guidelines. The talk categorizes ethical issues into five domains, using real-world examples like the Cambridge Analytica scandal and AI in healthcare, to illustrate the tangible impacts and moral challenges these issues present. It then explores solutions, such as ethical guidelines and regulatory oversight, emphasizing the collective responsibility of policymakers, technologists, and users in fostering ethical AI. The session culminates in an interactive Q&A, encouraging audience engagement in ethical discourse and practical problem-solving. Attendees will gain a thorough understanding of AI's major ethical dilemmas, awareness of existing ethical frameworks, and insights into collaborative approaches to navigate the AI-augmented world responsibly.

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