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Finalists Announced for 2023 IMPACT Innovation Awards

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Finalists Announced for 2023 IMPACT Innovation Awards

Finalists Announced for 2023 IMPACT Innovation Awards

Broadcom, SindicoNet, and SMT Data selected as 2023 Finalists.

Today, Computer Measurement Group, CMG, with its partner Mullen Foundation announced Broadcom, SindicoNet, and SMT Data as finalists for the 2023 IMPACT Innovation Awards. The awards program, which began last year, was created to recognize individuals and teams who have driven IT improvements to drive significant change and extraordinary outcomes within their organizations. In 2022, Capital One was announced as the winner during the IMPACT Conference.

Finalist Broadcom is being considered for its creation of the Precision design system which established standards to improve the customer experience. Despite challenges with participant recruitment due to security and privacy concerns, the end result was a 100%  refactored code and consistent and standardized UX patterns throughout the entire UI.

Finalist SindicoNet submitted their “Bridge burner project” against technical debt in their main revenue-producing program. Using no extra budget and 100% pre-existing staff, they were able to reduce cloud costs, increase security, and speed up performance by 5x.

Finalist SMT Data is being considered for their work in reducing 3rd party dependencies in their technology solutions. The program was initiated by a one-man-army with the support of top management and the board of directors and furthered with the hiring of additional DevOps team members. The results have impressed technology partners and customers alike.

“In its second year, the IMPACT Innovation awards has attracted more than double the number of applications,” said Amanda Hendley, President and Managing Director of CMG. “We are so pleased to share the success stories of all of our finalists and look forward to announcing our winner on February 22nd at the IMPACT Conference.”

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