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APIs and Integration using Open Source Monitoring Tools

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January 17, 2023
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APIs and Integration using Open Source Monitoring Tools


In this session we’ll take a look at implementation techniques to satisfy a performance monitoring use case, using open source tools to visualize performance metrics exposed by a REST API. Our example will be based on the Zowe API for IDMS, but the techniques are general and can be applied to any product and/or database that exposes performance metrics through a REST API. Administrators for online systems need to monitor operations to see trends and recognize unusual conditions that can indicate problems. A time series database provides a way to collect performance and operational metrics. The time series database can invoke an API that exposes this data at regular intervals and stores the time-sliced data for analysis. Dashboards are a powerful way to visualize the time series data and recognize anomalous events occurring in real time. So a database administrator can use the dashboard and database query tools to monitor and analyze performance.

Presented by

Tom Halinski, Principal, Client Services Consultant at Broadcom

Thomas Halinski has been a Mainframe Value Manager, a Technical Services Consultant and an Assistant Project Manager for Broadcom, Inc. for the past several years. He supports the Sales Team for the Mainframe Software Division’s primary solutions and plays a key role in promoting and deploying open source tools for the modernization of the mainframe arena. For the prior 40+ years, he has been a Business Application Consultant for various industries performing Enterprise Application Design, program design, development, andcoding. He specializes in MVS performance tuning, with an emphasis in Db2. He has written several papers, has presented them internationally and has published in the IDUG Solutions Journal. He has held the Subject Area Chair – z/Series position for the Computer Management Group’s (CMG) National Conference for 7 years and was also an Assistant Project Manager for SHARE – EWCP for 5 years.


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