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JMeter scripting: the missing piece

Panel: Observability in Practice
August 29, 2022
A Hybrid Approach to Performance Testing
September 21, 2022

JMeter scripting: the missing piece

The presentation will first dive into the main pros and cons of JMeter usage comparing it to other main OSS alternatives (like Gatling, Taurus & K6).Then we will present jmeter-java-dsl ( as a new alternative for JMeter users and performance engineers in general. JMeter DSL significantly improves JMeter’s experience and moves performance testing closer to developers and development process.JMeter DSL will be presented through a demo, implementing a simple performance test, highlighting the main features and benefits of such approach.
The demo will include a comparison of JMX and DSL testplan visibility and readability, IDE autocompletion and inline documentation, live reporting with Grafana, scalability with Blazemeter (or JMeter distributed run) and jmx2dsl built-in tool for easy migration.The talk will end with a summary, a call to action and 5 mins for Q&A.


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Roger is a Software Engineer with almost 15 years of experience in development with special focus in developing high traffic and resilient applications. In his career he has played different roles as developer, architect and technical director. Today he is CTO at Abstracta, a software quality-focused company. He uses his experience and technical background to help different areas of the business, fostering innovation and always willing to help.


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