Panel: Observability in Practice - Computer Measurement Group
Why Observability is THE vehicle to manage resources and spend strategically… and to ensure you have the keys to switch to efficient data-driven decisions making.
August 24, 2022
JMeter scripting: the missing piece
September 20, 2022

Panel: Observability in Practice

Our panelists are expert technology practitioners that hail from MathWorks, EPAM Systems, Capital One, and Red Hat. During this discussion, we will hear directly from the experts as they discuss their own engineering work with observability in mind. Our conversation will explore the evolution of APM, the importance of monitoring and observability, and the, sometimes rocky, paths that must be taken to achieve optimal results.


Meet the Panelists

Moderator: Sindhuja Parimalarangan, Senior Performance Engineer, MathWorks

Igor Trubin, Lead Data Engineer, Capital One
Mohit Verma, PE Evangelist,
Savitha Raghunathan, Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat
Kiran Rangaiah Shashi, Service Line Leader, EPAM Systems
Kendall Chenoweth, Technologist, MathWorks [Contact]
Joe Steele, IT Enterprise Architect, MathWorks
Alain Kuchta, Software Engineer, MathWorks

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