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March 2, 2022
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Gaming in the Cloud

During this fireside chat, Amanda Hendley will interview Susan Romera, Solutions Engineer – Infrastructure modernization, Google Cloud for Games. During their discussion, Susan will talk about the exponentially-growing cloud-gaming industry, the technology that supports it, and how these evolving technologies will impact other industries. 

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Susan Romera
Solutions Engineer – Infrastructure modernization, Google Cloud for Games

Susan Romera is a customer engineer with experience in infrastructure modernization, gaming, and cloud. She has extensive knowledge in networking/systems management, servers administration, end user support, and remote infrastructure setup. Currently, Susan works on Google Cloud for Games at Google where she helps create solutions for her customers.  Her previous roles include Lead Infrastructure Engineer and Chaos Engineering Lead at Magic Leap. As a recognized industry expert, Susan speaks at conference and events on cloud, infrastructure, and gaming.

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