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Performance and Financial Governance Optimization in Hybrid Multi-Cloud World


For most organizations, the journey to the cloud is well underway. Unfortunately, many cloud migration decisions are made without options evaluation and realistic performance and financial expectations.  Financial stakeholders are concerned with an annual budgeting process that might need un-planned revisions. IT stakeholders are concerned with selecting the right cloud data platforms and resource allocation to meet business service level goals (SLG).   Unrealistic expectations inevitably lead to unwelcome surprises.

Just as scientists build mathematical models to represent phenomena that are difficult to observe, BEZNext utilizes this method to estimate the minimum required cloud configuration and cost to support an organization’s workloads SLGs. Our approach does not require months of work, and the results are typically delivered in three weeks.

We use iterative queueing network models and gradient optimization to optimize cloud migration and dynamic capacity management decisions. The actual measurement data is compared with predicted results. When significant anomalies and their root causes are determined, the model provides new recommendations on fixing anomalies and continuously meeting SLGs with the lowest cost.

During this presentation, we will review the BEZNext approach and short case studies that show the value of modeling and optimization for any organization, no matter where they are on their journey to the cloud.


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Boris Zibitsker is a CEO at BEZNext. His research implemented in modeling and optimization products which were used by hundreds of Fortune 500 companies to optimize strategic and tactical capacity management decisions.

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