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February 23, 2022
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AI in the Cloud


During this session, audience will be introduced to the topics related to involvement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Cloud Computing. The objective of this session is to elaborate how AI plays a role in cloud computing , how AI becomes affordable through cloud computing while boosting productivity, benefits of deploying AI in Cloud, common concerns of customers for AI in cloud computing followed by few interesting use cases on AI. During this session, few industry specific use-cases will be discussed. The session will be focused on adding value to key strategic business decisions at leadership level.

Key area of Focus: AI+Cloud Computing, Data Management, Security, Common Concerns, Affordability, industry specific Use Cases



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Vaidyanathan Ganesa Sankaran ,
Sr Modernization Architect Leader, Amazon Web Services Inc

As a Sr modernization leader at AWS, Vaidyanathan assists a number of Enterprise customers in modernizing and migrating legacy platform apps to modern stack cloud architecture. Vaidyanathan was the Heading Solutions Architect Division at Sun Technologies Inc prior joining AWS, where he was in charge of Cloud Modernization, AI/ML, and DevOps practices. He has over 12 years of experience in cloud (legacy) modernization, AI/ML, and DevOps. Vaidy has a Master of Science (MS) in Computer Software Engineering and has authored and published a number of whitepapers, peer-reviewed articles in international journals and conference proceedings. He is well-known for his work in artificial intelligence and legacy modernization. His most notable achievements in the field of Artificial intelligence include virtual reality banking app, chatbot apps, AI-based facial recognition software, Intelligence image processing monitoring software for poultry farms, scripless automation frameworks and code generation suites.

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