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Velocity: Align, Deliver, and Improve with Engineering Intelligence

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January 21, 2022
Still researching the needle in the haystack on the mainframe?
January 21, 2022

Velocity: Align, Deliver, and Improve with Engineering Intelligence

It’s no secret that engineering powers today’s business success. But with a history of relying on subjective metrics and a persistent lack of visibility across fragmented toolchains, how can technology leaders effectively accelerate results?

In this demo, Sherianne Bolling will explain how Code Climate’s Engineering Intelligence Platform, Velocity, contextualizes data from DevOps and project management tools, providing actionable insights that enable organizations to make confident, data-driven decisions that fuel elite team performance at scale.

Velocity can help leaders:

  • Align on business priorities with improved transparency across every level of your organization
  • Deliver high quality code quickly and consistently to achieve true Continuous Delivery
  • Improve team processes and engineering skills to create a high-performance culture, boost pipeline efficiency, and increase employee engagement

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About The Speaker:

Sherianne Bolling is an Engineering Data Specialist at Code Climate. She has extensive experience working with executive leadership at engineering organizations to help drive productivity improvements and maximize team performance. She regularly leads webinars about coaching and empowering software engineers with data to accelerate business results.



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