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Key considerations for managing and optimizing under Tailored Fit Pricing

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December 14, 2021
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Key considerations for managing and optimizing under Tailored Fit Pricing

Tailored Fit Pricing is a new means of paying for hardware and software consumption on the mainframe, however at a technical level there may be changes in how operators and capacity planners will need to work. This session will explain some of challenges, provoke some thoughts within the audience and suggest strategies to optimize performance and resources.

The Tailored Fit Pricing model offers new opportunities for those tasked with managing z/OS IT operations. With no Rolling 4-Hour Average, soft-capping is no longer an effective strategy to control costs. As a result you may have questions about how to manage and optimize workloads from both a technical and business perspective: How am I tracking against my allocated annual baseline? What is the change in MSU consumption month-to-month? How do I know which system management tasks are adding value and which can be reduced? How can I determine which application improvements will have the largest impact? In this session, we show you how to answer these questions and more, including a focus on the new Tailored Fit Pricing for Hardware options.


  • Takeaway 1Understand how Tailored Fit Pricing model changes how management of workloads on the mainframe should be considered
  • Takeaway 2What data points should be considered when managing both software and hardware consumption
  • Takeaway 3Understand where optimizations in resource consumptions can be made to benefit both performance and operational cost


About The Speakers:

Chris Walker is a Senior Product Manager at IBM. He has been engaged with the Tailored Fit Pricing model for the mainframe since IBM introduced it around 3 years ago. He focused on the performance and capacity management side and have experience working with customers that are looking to maximize their benefit of adopting this change.

Tracy Dean is an IBM Product Manager, responsible for IMS Tools and z/VM Tools. With over 35 years of Z experience, she works with customers worldwide to understand their pain points and drive development teams to address their needs.


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