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JOB ALERT! Senior Software Engineer, Observability
September 22, 2021
SRE’s Evolution- Introduction to Technical and Cultural Practices
October 13, 2021


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PREVAIL is an IBM technical conference hosted by technical people for a technical audience.

Prevail is a space for technical people to speak openly about technical topics.


In recent times we have seen a growing interest in Agile ways of working, DevOps pipelines and toolchains, microservices development and deployment onto cloud-native container-platforms. The promises of these new methods and computing paradigms are manifold but as solution complexity increases the non-functional aspects might suffer.

The last year COVID crisis has made it very clear that services from the cloud are expected to be fast, always ON and secure but it requires insight, skill, and professionalism to achieve those qualities!

PREVAIL 2021 is organized by and for technical IT professionals who are passionate about IT resilience, security and performance. We offer a large variety of keynotes, breakout sessions, panels, workshops and posters from the best subject matter experts in the field

if you want to get some hands on practice on some of the key DevSecOps topics that will be talked about in the conference, looks out for the hands-on workshops which will take place on the 21st, 22nd, and 25th of October.

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