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Service Level Objectives with actionable insights

Modern Observability with OpenTelemetry
June 2, 2021
Redefining Enterprise Cloud Transformations: How Fidelity Investments is establishing a new foundation for Observability and Reliability
June 8, 2021

Service Level Objectives with actionable insights



In this session, you will learn how Service Level Objectives (SLOs), with Error Budgets are key to gaining production engineering excellence. When SLOs are combined with an Observability platform that allows users to ask any question of their granular data, we have actional insights.

Honeycomb will explain what an SLO is and its benefits. Next, a demo showcasing how Honeycomb’s developers uses SLOs to maintain a SaaS service. See how you can reduce your mean time to understand, and delight your engineering staff, with the Honeycomb Observability platform.


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About the Speaker:

Pierre Tessier is a Solutions Architect at


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