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Modern Observability with OpenTelemetry

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June 2, 2021
Service Level Objectives with actionable insights
June 4, 2021

Modern Observability with OpenTelemetry



Tracing, Metrics, and Logging are often presented as three different tools. But that is actually just an accident of history. In this talk, we’ll show that events and aggregates are really one and the same, and explain how all of these tools function better when they are combined into a single system. The design and usage of OpenTelemetry will be discussed as a practical example.


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About the Speaker:

Ted Young is one of the founders of the OpenTelemetry project, and works as the Director of Developer Education at Lightstep. Ted has spent the last 15 years building distributed systems in a variety of environments: computer animation, national elections, and elastic compute platforms. Currently he is focused on distributed tracing and tools for root cause analysis.

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