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Keep Calm and Observe. Prepare your Mainframe for the Relentless Digitalization

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May 27, 2021
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June 2, 2021

Keep Calm and Observe. Prepare your Mainframe for the Relentless Digitalization


In the last 15 years, 52% of companies from the Fortune 500 disappeared. What do the survivors have in common? They embraced digitalization. But becoming fully digital is a true IT challenge that reshapes application development strategies and analytics needs. It also leaves the question of the mainframe platform and its place in all of this.

For more than 50% of user companies, the role of the mainframe remains strategic for their activities and is still very important in their IT strategy. Nevertheless, IT teams are facing the complex transition from the monolithic, yet critical, mainframe applications to a more agile hybrid cloud approach.

Observability has a key role to play here as Data-Driven Decision Making, Customer Centricity and Business-IT Convergence are increasingly becoming the new milestones to achieve. Join us in this session to learn how Observability can help you capitalize on your mainframe and make it an essential component of your digital transformation strategy.


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About the Speaker:

Melissa LEROY is a Mainframe Market Specialist who dedicated herself for 5 years in understanding customers’ challenges and needs. She started her career as a Marketing Campaign Advisor for large IT companies such as Dell, Microsoft, Suse and HPE. In 2018, she joined ZETALY and learned from seasoned experts the wonders of the mainframe world. Passionate about finding solutions to make people’s life easier, she led the creation of the ZETALY new Analytics Solution as a product owner. Her geeky soul is always looking for new knowledge to acquire and to share.

Brian Hoare has seen the z platform grow from OS/390 to today’s z/OS. He may speak with a “strange accent” and has introduced new solutions into the USA and worked with several startups. He has presented at local/annual CMG’s, Share and many other conferences discussing cost reduction (IBM/MLC), performance and is now his focused on analytical data on “z”.  Mainframe analytics are his latest passion, especially as Z is the richest source of data there is. So why not use the richest source of data we have for helping to run the business?

Brian lives in Florida, is a passionate fan of Rugby and Football (Soccer) and has several refereeing and coaching badges.


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