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Digital Transformation Sprawl: Solved!

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May 12, 2020
David Schumacher
May 12, 2020

Digital Transformation Sprawl: Solved!

The Digital Transformation revolution has spawned several vendors, each with their own mode of communication: Zoom, Slack, messaging (e.g. SMS), Box, Search, Facebook, Alexa, etc.

We now waste so much time switching among different systems.
We are confused over how to best find the information we need – what system holds it, internal/external?
Most systems now expose APIs, but they require programming, taking weeks.

Attend this session to see how companies such as Verizon are quickly accessing, and interacting with, enterprise applications –  internal, cloud-based (e.g. Salesforce), any system with an API – via Slack, MS Teams, SMS, Zoom, Alexa, Google Assistant, etc., all without programming.

Peter is the CEO of Signalpattern, a NYC-based software company focused on redefining the enterprise work experience by making it easy for anyone to discover, use, share the information and work flows they need via whatever user interface they prefer.


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